Xbox 360 breaks sales records in Australia

The Xbox 360 has become the fastest-selling console in Australia, shifting over 100,000 units since its release in March this year.

The previous record was held by Sony, with the PlayStation 2 selling 78,000 units during its first seven months on sale.

"Our figures show that Xbox 360 has been the fastest ever console to sell 100,000 units in Australia, reaching that mark in just seven months," said Daniel Morse, senior account manager at GfK Australia.

With software sales amounting to 400,000 according to GfK, the 360 continues its strong performance in the region, where it also became the fastest-selling console at launch, selling over 30,000 units in just four days.

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zypher4467d ago

eh. 100,000 in 7 months is considered a lot? ;) guess we all now know which market is the least important (no offense to Australians...i was just kidding with ya). even still, if its a record broken then i guess kudos are in order for Microsoft. good job!

BIadestarX4467d ago

"PlayStation 2 selling 78,000" It is considered more than 78,000 now is it? Why is this important? You tell me.

TheMART4466d ago

With only about 20 million people living in Australia I guess that's a nice number to sell. Especially when the PS2 sold 78.000 there, the 360 sold 20% more.

zypher4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

huh? i congratulate Microsoft, and i'm still getting slammed? yeah, they broke a record; and i congratulated them. i'm just curious as to the importance of this, especially since the 360 sells almost that much a month in the US alone. 360 fans dog Japan as being a dwindling market, which i find suspect, considering the PS2, PSP and DS consistantly sell in the tens-of-thousands there on a weekly basis. so, how can Japan be said to be a dwindling market (while selling in the neighborhood of 200,000 DS', and 100'000 PS2's and PSP's a month), but Microsoft's 100,000-in-seven-month's win in Australia is a good thing?

specialguest4466d ago

congradulations Microsoft and Australia. now is it true that the water flushes down counter clockwise over there?

tom15954466d ago

... but we call it "anti clockwise":)

PS3n3604466d ago

This explains the heat down there hehe. Congrats to MS on a strong start in Oz.

ACE4466d ago

ms has done a good job this time round , with the big games just around the corner , its all good :) . as for water flushing counter clockwise yes it does .

THWIP4466d ago

...if the water goes the opposite direction....wouldn't your poo spill out onto your shoes? :(

The Milkman4466d ago

Whos Slamming who?.....Im still having trouble on what Zypher is talking about but anyway..

Thats cool MS broke a console record in Australia thats definately not bad news even though its 100 thousand its a good sign that Xbox 360 is showing people the things they realy want.

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