Nintendo has a more than Healthy Standing in the Next-Gen Battle

Lately, all the focus in the gaming industry has been on Sony and Microsoft. The PS4 and the Xbox One are head to head and each company is taking stabs at the other to come out victorious. It is a heated battle that even the players get involved with. At this point in time the entire industry feels like a blood bath. While before we just had to worry about players squabbling about weather Call of Duty or Battlefield was better now the stakes has been raised to the actual argument between two powerhouse companies.

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TheSuperior 2556d ago

Nintendo will assure its survival with Pokemon X and Y and then go on to do some super stuff in 2014 and 2015. There will be a Zelda U and there will be other nintendo exclusives that we have allwanted for years. The question now is, is it really too late?

iamnsuperman2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

One thing I am completely confused about is why hasn't Zelda U been released yet. We are closing in on a year now and if I was making a system that had a year of (theoretically) no competition Zelda U would have been perfect to release before the other consoles come out. Do we even know when that thing is coming out?

Jagsrock2556d ago

Nintendo has always taken great care with their Zelda games and aren't shy about delaying games but I'm guessing they release it fall/holiday 2014. They know the fans want Zelda and that's why they are releasing WW HD as something to hold us over until Zelda wii u.

DarthZoolu2555d ago

I would want a Wii U if it was 2006. I like games that are complex, deep, and immersive. Nintendo games need more everything! Better AI, more immersive worlds, VOICE ACTING, etc.. I would love to play a Zelda game thats as ambitious as Skyrim. I'M NOT SAYING I WANT ZELDA TO BE LIKE SKYRIM! I do want it to be on the same scale tho. Attention to detail may be one of the most important parts for me. Zelda has been pretty much the same game in a different shell since Link to the Past. I would love to see EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda etc... making Nintendo ip for gamers with really high standards.

Jagsrock2555d ago

what kind of opposite world do you live in where EA and Bethesda have higher standards than Nintendo? Ubisoft has been making some quality games but come on

TheGrimBunny2556d ago

The Wii-U is an awesome console people just have not given it a chance.

TheGrimBunny2556d ago

Plus a number of games are being released for all platforms including the Wii-U, like Metro Last Light for instance and more..

Link2DaFutcha2556d ago

Oh yeah, been saying this for a while, Nintendo has nothing to worry about, except rolling out their titles sooner rather than later. Once they get their first party big games out, consoles will fly off the shelves and all the third party devs will be looking for fun ways to use the tablet.

EXVirtual2556d ago

The Wii U is great, but the games are gonna come later on. They'll put MS through the shitter too. Lol. PS4 and Wii U for me!

Venox20082555d ago

best combination, plus pc and handhelds.. after x360, no more xbox for me :)

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The story is too old to be commented.