Did The Latest GTA 5 Gameplay Trailer Feature Toned Down Graphics?

"Earlier this week, Rockstar released the first gameplay trailer of GTA 5 and it looks and feels spectacular, however eagle eyed fans have caught some major differences in the quality of visuals that is present in the gameplay trailer compared to the ones that were released before."

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malokevi2559d ago

Odd. But I would expect initial trailers to be highly optimized... if not CGI.

The latest images are what I would expect at those distances on a current gen console.

badz1492559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

toned down compared to what? iCEnhancer mod? c' looks better than GTA IV already!

this is to respond to the article actually

malokevi2559d ago

Thats a PC mod. Not sure if they have it running on Xbox... but I would presume that GTA5 will look better than the mod. Dono though, we'll have to wait.

badz1492559d ago

There's no way GTA 5 on current gen consoles will look close to iCEnhancer mod stuff. It's too resource heavy to begin with and not something 360 or PS3 could just run on the fly.

GTA5 looks good but expect it to look better than GTA4 not iCEnhancer good but still goor nonetheless.

pedrof932559d ago

I'm sure the graphical engine wasn't made to be running on the current gen. Btw the graphics looked like a enhanced GTA IV but more smooth. And also I've heard it was a Ps3 version in gameplay !?

Skate-AK2559d ago

Yeah it was PS3. That is the lead platform.

mmj2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

All videos prior to yesterday's video would have been pre-renders, that's why they were keen to point out that all footage in this 'gameplay' video was in game footage.

ape0072559d ago

what i saw was too good to be running on current gen consoles

HammadTheBeast2559d ago

I dunno I saw some PS3 button prompts in there.

Babougrande2559d ago

Who cares? The game looks incredible and gameplay seems to be up there as well. Kojima approves :)

Gazondaily2559d ago

Exactly. It looked amazing for a current gen game. Then the scope of it all....Rockstar are masters of their craft. Simply untouchable.

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The story is too old to be commented.