Infamous interview: - Really shows of the PS4`s power

Producer Greg Phillips talks to Gamereactor about many of the exciting featchures of the PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son.

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pedrof932556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Whar about the game only uses 4 gigs out of 8 ?

Maldread2556d ago

Could be. Or maybe they pushed it back a bit to use some extra CGI-effects juice ;)

Either way. Can`t wait for the game`s out. Really CGI-like quality with the way it looks now. That`s insanely impressive considering it`s an open world game :)

thehitman2556d ago

CGI is done by the CPU doesnt really have much to do wit the ram.

Maldread2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

thehitman hehe yeah i know. That`s why i said CGI-like quality graphics with regards to some effetcs ;)

jeffgoldwin2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Wont see many (if any) games using over 4gigs for a few years. PC's aren't even using over 4gb ram until they hit resolutions greater than 1080p (2500x1900) or 3 screen setups, in gaming.

thehitman2556d ago

PCs dont apply to consoles developers dont program to use things most of the community cant use. Console developers build to fully utilize everything that's given to them since their entire install base has the same specs so expect more. Especially games that are open world where lots of things are loading games will use 4-6gigs easily.

jeffgoldwin2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Load times have more to do with the hard drive speeds, than ram. For example ssd drives load everything very fast, but they don't really affect the game effects like ram does once playing it.

I see consoles using much less ram than pc's for the reason you said about fully utilizing things efficiently. Plus console OS are far more efficient than the resource hog that is windows OS.

thehitman2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

@ jeff Ram is responsible for loading textures and other things if your in an open world more ram allows for less pop-ins and higher textures loaded faster. HD and the ram can bottleneck load speeds usually its the HD in todays PCs that bottlenecks load speeds rather than the ram since now its almost standard to have 6-8gigs of ram, but for gaming purposes after you completely loaded the game your vram is what makes everything load smoothly while constantly playing.

The PS3 had a split pool of memory which caused problems for developers who didnt optimize their code and ultimately lead to pop-ins and things required to be installed to the hard drive to offload it. None of that will be a problem this gen.

Good way to check what parts of the computer effect what is if you have a game like sc2 that details each setting and what part affects it. I can play sc2 on completely max settings and it will say like cgi/effects/physics/reflection s (CPU) which means you need a good 1 to max those settings Ram doesn't effect those things at all really.

Mikelarry2556d ago

why does the guy repeat the question he is being asked before he answers the question

Cryptcuzz2556d ago

Some do that while at the same time think of the best answer to give at the time. Most do that in their heads though but some will do it out loud. Not a big deal, but at least it gives the impression that the ones doing that clearly understands and heard the question properly, which should result in the question being answered most thoroughly.

JunioRS1012556d ago

idk why the upvotes, I'm not hating but that actually doesn't make sense lol

Agent_hitman2556d ago

I must admit the game looks great visually.. The demo reminds me of CRYSIS 2 for some reason.

showtimefolks2556d ago

good thing about this is tat its still 8-12 months from release, so if its looks great now just imagine the extra development time

merk cerny wanted to make sure development was easy yet the system should prove power now but also in later years and it shows. For launch titles KZ,drive club and infamous look stunning

and that's what gonna be fun to watch how the system improves on many aspect 3-5 years after launch when most developers will figure out how to get the most out of the system

7 GB GDDR5 ram is gonna play a huge factor down the road and pay of in present time too

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The story is too old to be commented.