Microsoft: Restructure will help us win next-gen

The major corporate restructure announced by Microsoft earlier today will open up ways to "provide more value" to Xbox customers and partners, and streamline resources to help it "win in this devices and services era", the company has told

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mewhy322557d ago

ROFL!!!! Aliens from mars couldn't win next gen for micro$oft after Don got done with them. Yeah. PS4/Killzone combo already ordered.

OC_MurphysLaw2557d ago

ROFL... Aliens from Mars would dominate.

As for actually responding to the article... The restructuring will be a good step for MS overall as they move toward a more "Apple" like philosophy internally.

dedicatedtogamers2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Exactly, Microsoft is trying to become like Apple, and look at all the tremendous things Apple has done in the gaming industry!


Edit @ below

Yes, I lack vision because I don't worship Microsoft, even though I've been using their products since MS-DOS. I clearly lack vision. I had no idea they are the saviors of the game industry. Gimme some GFWL!

OC_MurphysLaw2557d ago

@dedicatedtogamers... I choose to just look at all the tremendous things Apple has done. I would much rather them go down the Apple path of corp structure than that of Sony.

Just so we are clear, taking on a more Apple approach doesn't mean they can't make a console that plays games. Your narrow minded view clearly just shows a lack of vision.

YNWA962557d ago

Yeah, look at Sony now, PS4 is huge... and its all they have left to be honest when it comes to hardware. Apple have done much more... MS are still huge but not as big as they used to be. Lets keep things in perspective.

S2Killinit2557d ago

you prefer that they follow a non gaming/casual approach to gaming? Good to know. Good news for you is that Microsoft is already headed that way. You know, with casuals and stuff. For the rest of us gamers, PlayStation it is.

Aery2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Looks like we have the "rise" of the Xbone here.

Ps4 already preorder.
X1 ...

Loki862557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

@dedicated - you don't lack vision you just lack a middleground because there is no neutral territory with any of your posts. This will hopefully focus MS so they can show their investors that Xbox is entirely justified. Anyways, I want both consoles to succeed and continue to see competition which leads to better products and services, unlike you who is obviously one-sided.

Ashlen2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

This restructure is a joke.

They shifted a few people are changed some division names and boom they think their going to win next gen. It's all the same people with the same mindset.

And trying to sell Xbox's to business is laughable and should really show you how little Microsoft understands what there customer wants. And what the mindset is at Microsoft.

The Xbox has been one of the most poorly handled products I can remember in my lifetime. And on top of that Windows 8 is going no where as well.

If a company has too restructure due to there most popular products basically falling flat you know there in trouble.

dudeOplenty2557d ago


This is the same thinking I would have if I saw things on a national level. I'm not sure where you're from but I'm the US, and, yes.. Sony isn't that big here. However, when I interact and visit other countries in the world, I've seen that Sony competes with the best of them in terms of sales and popularity - this goes for Europe, Asia, and South America.

YNWA962557d ago

@ dudeoplenty, I am in Canada last 13 years, From Ireland though. Not saying Sony are small, but they have lost huge market share last 15 years I think. They do make quality stuff, TV's and so on, but there is now always a cheaper alternative that is still decent quality. Apple ended there dominance with discmans, walkmans. Samsung own TV market now. They are a non player in cell/mobile market. While they still sell well, they are not the monster they once were. PS is a priority now for them, for a long time Playstation division in Sony was the poor cousin in the overall Sony structure, but with all others losing ground, PS became important, an area of growth. I think MS are still learning with how to do hardware, and it shows, but being honest they have stimulated the console market.. Happy for that.

badz1492556d ago

win next gen? lol with what? by putting another non-gamer in charge?

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pete0072557d ago

Ok, ryse, forza5, and about 10 others combo for me!!!!

Martywren2557d ago

Yeah im excited for ryse and quantum break, and this is good news for MS fanbase i really want xbox one im still waitin too see waiting on seeing wat MS gaming restructure business are.

JBSleek2557d ago

Yea I know right what the hell are they thinking. It's not like Sony had a $600 console and that in the beginning everyone was saying it was over and turn out to be fine.

How dare Microsoft think they have a chance in a generation for them that starts in four months and will last years.


dark-hollow2557d ago

But that was about our lords and saviours! Of course they gonna turn around things for the better while the evil M$ gonna go bankrupt because the user "kaz<3PS4life" on n4g said so.

devwan2557d ago

Sony turned things around in many ways. Reducing hardware costs, focussing on great exclusive titles, offering great value to ps+ subscribers and supporting their machine for a respectable amount of time. They held their hands up and set off in a new direction, one that resonated well with consumers (given the sales of ps3 overtaking those of the 360).

It's not in ms' interest to try to put that kind of effort or spending in place to put things right with xbox one, all this restructuring does is further reinforce the concerns of genuine gamers as there's nothing tangible here for them to believe in.

They're starting off in last place with lesser hardware at a higher price point... that's where they'll stay as they're too much the big bungling monster corporation who will only do 180s in the face of absolute failure and unprecedented pressure rather than putting systems in place that sit well with consumers to begin with.

zebramocha2557d ago

@jbleek they had a $600 console with none of the drm crap that Ms had and supposedly better spec.

Imalwaysright2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

That €600 price tag was the reason why Sony lost half of their market share this gen and they were coming from a gen where they absolutely crushed their competition. What makes you think that a weaker brand won't suffer the same or even worst fate?

DoubleM702557d ago

These idots think XboxOne is done before it comes out. PS4 will stay at 399 for the rest of it's generation. While the XboxOne is going to get cheaper and better as the years go by. Quit being a Sony Pony buy both consoles.

imt5582557d ago


If XO get price drop, PS4 will get it to.

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DiRtY2557d ago

I love it when N4G users comment on financial stuff.

Here are my favorites:

"If a company has too restructure due to there most popular products basically falling flat you know there in trouble."

"Either way, the Xbox brand is not a big money-maker for Microsoft nor is it their focus right now. They are losing tens of billions of dollars in their OS, Office, business, server, mobile, and online divisions."

"Wow. Buying an Xbox One sounds like an even more terrible decision. Gong show over at the Microsoft offices. Anyone who has worked in an office where they are shuffling around responsibilities like this will know that this means trouble."

All just days away from the annual earnings release of MS. This might be the first time ever MS managed to make 20 billion USD profit in one single year. That is an all time high for the company.

Oh and stock price is up 2.93% today.

Never change N4G, never change.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

aliens from mars made ps4!! They wear fake skin like MARK...

greenlantern28142556d ago

Companies restructure when things are either going poorly or they want to put people in place that are more inline with the company. Another way of saying people that will do what they are told to do by the real boss.
Which could be a very bad thing for Xbox1 and Xbox fans.
It might be good, but I think you the Xbox fans should question the 2 people put in charge of the 2 divisionsthat now make up Xbox are not from a gaming back ground. IMO this should worry you

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dedicatedtogamers2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Notice how they specifically say "win in this devices and services era". They say " we remain focused on shipping Xbox One and the amazing experiences we have planned for this holiday."

The word "game" was not once used, was it?, no. The restructuring is doing to mean that every macro-decision for Xbox One is going to be made in the context of "how does this help the Microsoft ecosystem? How does this help Windows, WP8, Surface, Skype, etc?"

The Xbox division was started as a very separate entity, able to make its own choices and decisions apart from the overall Microsoft direction. Starting in 2007 when Mattrick joined and Ballmer started to get more involved, we've seen what happens when the Xbox brand starts to get more integrated with the rest of Microsoft: more services, fewer games.

FanboyCrusher2557d ago

It's a gaming machine, it's a given. We know it's going to play games, hell we've seen a lot of them already. Them getting features down is fine. They should do more games, but we still have a few more conventions before launch. Don't complain about features either. Anybody that owns a computer, or a smartphone and complains about features is a hypocrite.

dedicatedtogamers2557d ago

Do you know what a hypocrite is? I buy a videogame console to play games and I buy a PC to multitask, but I'm a hypocrite if I want my videogame console to focus on games?

You do not know what that word means. I bought a new refrigerator the other day, but I guess I'm a hypocrite for not wanting to pay extra to have my car equipped with a fridge. What a hypocrite I am! Lemme guess: if I own a webcam, I'm a hypocrite for not liking Kinect, right?

S2Killinit2557d ago

its not a given. Microsoft banks on people thinking that no matter how much they favor the casual over the core gamer, gamers will follow them. that is why they started the charge to play online, that is why they were pushing for DRM, that is why they will incorporate kinect in the box. They know you are buying their console no matter what. Then when you are outnumbered by casuals, they will dwindle down support for core gaming, and focus on casual and kinect. (kind of like the second half of current gen, except this time kincet is already bundled in). So yeah, go for it and support them, hopefully you wont have to learn too late that you supported the company that see's gaming as a mere catalyst into more profitable markets.

FanboyCrusher2557d ago

@DTG Do you own a cellphone? Then you're a hypocrite. Buying a PHONE is so you can call people. It's the least of what you use it for, guaranteed. We live in the age of convenience, complaining about this is pretty stupid. You should go and complain to Sony over the fact the PS4 won't have a Blu-Ray player. Of course it does have one but you seem to need constant conformation of something for it to exist. The vapid morons on this site never cease to amaze me.

Belking2557d ago

"we've seen what happens when the Xbox brand starts to get more integrated with the rest of Microsoft"

Yes we have. What happened was selling 4 times as much as last gen--------dominated the largest market for the past few years----grown a online service to be the standard for the industry------taken considerable market share from their competitors-----developed a successful 3d cam that help prolonged the life of xbox360---- built a strong brand name in xbox around the world. yea, we've seen it all.

dedicatedtogamers2557d ago

All of the gaming-related advancements the Xbox brand made were when the division was still a separate entity. Once Mattrick took over, that's when everything shifted focus to dashboard advertisements, avatars, Kinect, and yearly rehashes of the same franchises.

D-riders2557d ago

lol is this serious. first off the standard for gaming ai steam. that is what companies are trying to achieve.
next they where the first console out, bam that already sold more than last gen.
dominated America, but have been the slowest selling console for 8years
nintendo actually took the market share from sony.
lol kinect successful... just cause people but it doesnt mean it worked. it probably cost more to sell it than the game profited and its a major downfall of xbox one.(spyware)
then the xbox brand was tarnished and confused with the xbox 1 name.
get your fact straight.
here how about this ,
Implemented a system that would force gamers to be pay for services that are free on anyother system.
inflated numbers due to rrod
figured a way to charge consumers for every part of the their system
broken disc tray which cost more moeny in replaceing the system
made advertisement more important than gaming
focused on netflix mroe than games
no handheld
has not release and new AAA exclusive IP in three years.
what happens when microsoft incorporates all their products.
windows 8 .... and what happen it sucks thenw hat windows 8.1
get your facts straight quit being a fanboy

Death2557d ago

When was Xbox a seperate entity? They were part of the Entertainment and Devices Division for years. Now the division has been expanded to house Surface along with the rest of Microsofts devices being sold.

creatchee2557d ago

Oh shut up, dedicatedtogamers. You add nothing to most threads that you "contribute" your "thoughts" to. What you do accomplish is perpetuating the idea that Sony Fanboys run this site and driving a wedge between supporters of both sides who aren't raving madmen like you.

The only thing that you are dedicated to is your personal agenda.

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OC_MurphysLaw2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Are Forza 5, BF4, COD:Ghosts, Ryse, Watchdogs, AC:4 Black Flag, etc... all still getting released this holiday on Xbox One? Yes... those are games... so I don't really care if in a PR blurb they don't say the word "game" when talking about changes on the overall structure for Microsofts Xbox division.

MS is becoming a unified ecosystem...just like Sony is. It is the smartest decision they can make given so much of their services and devices can logically interact with one another. Having some splinter group that doesn't work or interact with the others makes ZERO sense when integration is a goal of all the major players in the computing space.

D-riders2557d ago

your 100% right excpet for MS isnt a game company

Death2557d ago

Neither Microsoft or Sony are game companies. Both companies offer gaming consoles though. Nintendo is a game company that only sells gaming products. Usually.

Glad we got that confusion out of the way.

OC_MurphysLaw2557d ago

@Death +Bub for knowing your business

XabiDaChosenOne2557d ago

Well that's a very short sighted perspective on things.

badkolo2557d ago

actually they have been making games way back on the pc before they hit the console market. there is a reason they came into the console market and did well.

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dark-hollow2557d ago

PlayStation fanboys are REALLY desperate for a Xbox one with less focus on games.

Please spare us your insightful nitpicking (I mean analysis) of their comments.

They've showed games, they've showed more exclusives and more new IPs AS YOU ALL WANTED!! you've been crying and bitching for new games and new IPs for the Xbox and all laughed at how the Xbox one e3 conference gonna be full of kinect and kanye west. They proved you wrong and they showed tons of games. move on please.

zebramocha2557d ago

What about 2009 until they xbone unveiling?they were showing less and less from a first party perspective.

GodGinrai2557d ago


That was acknowledged in dark hollows post. We ALL seen those E3s. WE all agree they were terrible showings. But in 2013 with X1 they have shown games.

X1 is a gaming platform. It just so happens to be a lot more than that and people seem to negatively spin that into.."X1 is not about games".

Do you know how most N4G posters come off like to me? It comes across like Most of you want them to fail. like most of you dont want them having japanese games, or being successful in japan. like most of you just like to dislike MS. That cant be helped. But It does mark you out as trolls and fanboys. I personally have no nagative feelings towards big companies..or good ones to be honest. They are not aware of me. I dont give them the emotional energy I see people on N4G give off. Fanboys and trolls. Everywhere on N4G.

tuglu_pati2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )


How the hell you got so many bubbles :0.

On topic, I don't see anything wrong with my gaming consoles having other features as long as they keep pumping out good games and as of right now MS is as well as Sony.

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D-riders2557d ago

what Ms forgot is that the hardcore lead the way not, the casual market. what ever the hardcore buy the casual follow. you can look at alomost any industry and see that. look a the ipad, th ehardcore apple fans bought it first and then bam. the iphone the apple lovers got it then bam . samsung galaxy the hardcore(people who line up) got it first the bam.

MS lets target the people who wont line up for our product and then... oh shit that didint work. .lol

CRAIG6672557d ago

Hardcore gamers also bought the Atari Jaguar, the Sega Dreamcast,the Nintendo Virtual boy...
You have absolutely no idea what you are blabbering on about... seriously get a life, it's sad.

devwan2557d ago

"Microsoft's plan to "win in this devices and services era" suggests that the firm may not be only going after Sony's PlayStation 4 with its upcoming Xbox One, but other rival platforms and services, too."

Aiming to shoot down all comers but ends up shooting itself in the foot time and again.

Their rhetoric is as poorly conceived as it is bafflingly banal. They really don't see the xbox one as a games console, that's just their trojan horse disguise... but it's one fewer than they expected look willing to welcome due to their arrogance and taking their fanbase for granted.

They're making all the wrong noises when GAMERS should be their priority (at least in the early stages, to get the dedicated supporters onboard and word of mouth under way).