Five N64 Games Headed to The DS

Five of Nintendo's most beloved classics are being reborn on the NDS!

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Darkiewonder3853d ago

just saying as the date has April 1st.

Fux4Bux3853d ago

Even if this weren't a joke those games would be terrible to port to it.

supremacy3853d ago

not to brag or anything but they say the psp was just getting a bunch of ps2 titles, the DS from the start has been doing this as well, but ofcourse the gimmicky titles such as nintendogs or brain ages have since overshadowed these ports one way or another and that my friends is a cold fact. resident evil dealy silence? sigh.. its all bull if you ask me..

the same thing are being done with the wii, look at resident evil 4 and okami and prince of Persia and just about any other ps2 and gamecube game you can think of, except the controls change. its nothing new when the provider of the console is the only one that knows how to take advantage of its hardware, i mean nintendo has been like that since the n64 days cuz we all know the systems before were works of arts but after the snes days if your a 3rd party trying to cash in the fruits on a nintendo platform than good luck.

sony on the other hand hasn't really change much if anything people are already starting to get the grips of the ps3 and games are being made well, i mean COD4 was crown the best seller on the ps3 for the last past month or so which means that only sony can make a profit or something that can attract gamers in. hey even Microsoft is on top of its game when it comes down to this as well.

nintendo right now is lucky they aren't losing money on its unit cuz one more defeat in the console war would of meant handheld development only. just saying.

pwninator3853d ago

They got the story from another site. This was that other sites April Fools Day joke.

brocool3853d ago

am I the only guy who read that as "Five N4G Games headed to The DS"

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