90-Minutes with Pikmin 3: It is Delightful (Video Preview)

GameXplain: "We recently got to play Pikmin 3's story mode for an entire 90-minutes! Find out all about how it plays and feels in our video preview!"

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shibster882554d ago

When the article says delightful you just know its crap lmao.
when they say epic or a grand breaker then you know its going to be good.

bangoskank2554d ago

When someone says "grand breaker" you know they have not an f'ing clue what they are talking about. Pikmin is delightfully epic.

_QQ_2554d ago

Wow this game will be amazing.

Jagsrock2554d ago

looks like someone is trying to see how many bubbles they can lose in a day.

live2play2553d ago

Saying something is delightful equals saying its crap...? Ok

I've never encountered someone as delightful as you
you are full of delightful delightfulness

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Xof2554d ago

Easily my most-anticipated game of late-2013.

Other than Wind Waker.
And Shim Megami Tensei IV.
And Donkey Kong.
And Tales of Xilia.
And Divinity: Original Sin.
And Wasteland 2.
And Link Between Worlds.
And Phoenix Wright.

Goddamn, we're getting a ton of great games in the next few months.

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