Mark Cerny Delves Into Sony's Journey To The PS4

Develop: ''Miss Mark Cerny’s talk on the PS4 at the Develop Conference? You can watch the entire keynote right here.

The development veteran and Sony’s lead system architect for the PS4 delves into Sony’s journey into the console market, and how its past has informed its future.''

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Ksar2560d ago

Il commence à me les briser celui-la.

doctorstrange2560d ago

I think it's Mrs Mark Cerny, not Miss Mark Cerny

Timesplitter142560d ago

Dear N4G, stop posting 9999999 Mark Cerny articles about the exact same two conferences

M-M2560d ago

I agree, it's the same conference with different angles lol.

darx2560d ago

For real! So tired of the hearing the fanboys taking his dork in their throats.

karl2560d ago

yeah, but the angle is different