Why isn't Albatross18 an XBLA game?

TotalGamerZone: "It dawned on me the other day that Albatross18 would be absolutely perfect for Xbox Live and its marketplace. You might be saying "Well, the Wii version wasn't too much of a success… why would this work?" Unfortunately, the Wii can't support the multiplayer greatness like Xbox Live can. Albatross18 was made for multiplayer gaming, and the Wii just isn't ready to handle that right now."

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Darkiewonder3848d ago

and Wii got another one.

Does 360 need one? sure but don't they already have a golf game available on the marketplace right now?

Albatross18 was built on being free but with paid content. IDK.

orange143848d ago

I don't really know of any sports games for XBL... Bankshot Billiards (or whatever it's called)... isn't that it? And that's not even like a sports game.

Darkiewonder3848d ago

if you count it as a sports game lol. Pretty sure I downloaded the demo. Minigolf adventure. I think that was the name.

orange143848d ago

That's mini-golf... it's like a flash game. <_<

orange143848d ago

I would be addicted to my Xbox 360 if they had NBA Hangtime or NBA Jam Tournament Edition with online capabilities. :D

Too bad it will never happen though... :(