PlayStation Plus 'massively inflated' my audience, says Thomas Was Alone creator

Thomas Was Alone "sold really well" on Vita and PS3 since its April launch according to creator Mike Bithell, and in particular through PlayStation Plus where uptake has been "ridiculous" and "amazing." Bithell told Joystiq Thomas Was Alone, or "the rectangle game" as he self-mockingly called it, found its way into more hands through Plus than any other "platform" up to that point - the indie platformer launched on PC last summer before coming to Steam later in the year.

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cleft52556d ago

Glad to hear things are working out for him. Thomas was Alone is an amazing game.

TechnicianTed2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

"PlayStation Plus 'massively inflated' my *****" , says Thomas Was Alone creator"

There's something wrong with my copy and paste, keeps censoring words for some reason. I need to get my pc fixed.

On topic, I really need to try this game out.

GribbleGrunger2556d ago

At first you'll be delighted at the voice over but you'll probably wonder what all the fuss is about, but stick with it and all will become clear!

ravinash2555d ago

I may have to go back to it and play it again... I did stop after the first few levels.

TechnicianTed2556d ago

I did see it on ps+ the other month, I don't know if it's still on there, don't know why I didn't download it tbh. I'll have to check later when everyone's finished watching all their crap on tv.

iamnsuperman2556d ago

I did a review for the user reviews here back in Jan for the PC

I have since played it on the Vita and it is exactly same. My advice is get your hands on it. It does have its problems but it is the best character design (strange since they are shapes), and storytelling than any other game I have played

fardan852556d ago

I believe we will see more indie games on ps+ when the ps4 released later this year.
I don't know how much they will get from Sony, but beside the cash they will get, there's also marketing, wider audience will try the game.
If I were in the dev shoe then I'd do something simple with the next games, simply write (From the creator of "name of the game submitted for PS+"), specially if the first prior game did well. It will help gamers in recognizing the dev.
I really wish indie dev the best with their games. With their games and ideas, they're are providing us with good times.

WeAreLegion2556d ago

My wallet is ready for whatever else this guy dishes out in the future!

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