Sony patent application highlights the DualShock 4 that could've been

The patent application from Sony that popped up at the US Patent and Trademark Office this morning isn't quite the DualShock 4 that we've become acquainted with this year. While it contains many descriptors that apply to the controller Sony introduced alongside its PlayStation 4, it's also got a few extra bells and whistles that the current model doesn't include -- most notably, a microphone for tracking player location and a larger light bar that extends to the bottom of the controller. Apparently the light bar at some point could be "shaped to provide for a wide angle of visibility."

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Concertoine2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Built in mic mightve been cool. Cant think of any implementation for it to "track player movement" though. Also wouldve ramped up the price.
Pleased with the final product more.

NovusTerminus2867d ago

I like the final product, and overall just happy they didn't go witth the "Breakaway" controller. or any of the other gimmicky stuff, like "track player movement" I mean really, that's what the PS Eye is for!

Concertoine2867d ago

I never realized how creepy the name "PS Eye" was until i read your comment o.o

Cmk01212867d ago

im buying both consoles but fully realize if MS wouldve posted the identical information people wouldve griped about how its another way they tried to cheat us and squeeze money out of us...just a thought! some of the current cool features in the playstation controller wont work without the eye. Just like all this indie focus, who gives a damn, does anyone buy ps3 for journey, limbo, braid etc? its all PR stuff folks

mattkelly19912867d ago

I Believe That Indies Are A Crucial Part Of The Consoles Game Ecosystem.

Thehyph2867d ago

I wish it had the microphone still. Hopefully the one for the camera works good.
I just want to be able to plug in good stereo cans and not have to deal with virtual surround or charging wireless. Ironically, I find plain stereo phones with a deep sound stage much easier to track sounds positionally.

WeedyOne2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Silly N4G, that is the PS5 controller! lol Sony loves to plan ahead... jk

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