Far Cry 2 - Will it be Better than Crysis?

Gameplayer has an exclusive look at Far Cry 2 which looks into Jack Carver's new adventures in Africa... with fire. It looks into our Ubisoft feel like they are competing against the series spiritual successor, Crysis.

"There's an unspoken reason for all this show and tell. Original Far Cry creator, Crytek, made huge ripples in the PC market late last year with its graphics-driven title Crysis, setting the new benchmark (and excuse) for PC owners to upgrade their systems in order to run the title. It also managed to trump the tropical settings of the original Far Cry. While not exactly being a straight competition, you can sense the vibe that Ubisoft Montreal is eager to make a big impact. And, to be fair, it has."

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ichimaru4473d ago

I just hope the console version is decent, not taking out a loan to deck out a PC.

solar4473d ago

i can say i am :D

i need a new a huge pc gamer....and i dont give two craps about spending the money. console fanboi's dont understand. :P

MicroDeath SoftStar4473d ago

pretty hard to be a huge pc gamer when Pc gaming has been slowing down the past few years thanks to torrents . only a small percentage of people actual buy pc games anymore vs people that steal and studio support for the platform shows , personally i gave up on pc gaming almost fully , its just not worth the amount of cash you need to game vs the amount of games coming out.

solar4473d ago

i think you might be mistaken man. a lot of games still come out on PC.

MicroDeath SoftStar4472d ago

solar , you really need to look a few years back to understand . i didnt say there no games coming out at all , i said that that amount of quality pc games coming out is on a decline. seriously , even crysis kinda sucked if it wasnt for it GFX it wouldnt even have been noticed

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Charlie26884473d ago

I only hope its decent because Ubisoft is being VERY ambitious by using a known good/popular IP and making a game that has NOTHING to do with the IP in this days were we are flooded by generic FPSs

they better do it at least "ok" or we will have a Boiling Point "2"

The Closing4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

both are first person shooters so I fail to see your point.. This isn't like Metriod at all.

Charlie26884473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

@The Closing: Dude I just hope your reply was for somebody else and you just clicked on me by mistake cuz if not...

DUDE...EPIC FAIL and a HORRENDOUS lack of knowledge...

metroid? wha?

The Closing4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

It was my bad for I meant to say Ubisoft has done the console versions, and as I'm not a PC gamer I don't know if Far Cry is some holy grail of it's time, and shouldn't be touched because to me it always seemed mediocre. I still fail to see the problem here. It seems to be up to the current crytek standard with Crysis, and all.

And I mentioned Metriod because another developer took over the series, and totally changed it turning it into a fps, and as this case it doesn't seemed to have strayed too far at all.

I do agree on the over abundance of mediocre fps though. Good call on that one, but even though I don't plan on picking this title up it does seem to be well above average as far as fps go if they fulfill their promises for physics, and exploration alone.

P.S. Correct or not wiki is never a respectable source.

Charlie26884473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

well with the whole Wiki I was refereing to the first paragraph (read it) and ironically the guy who wrote this article should do a little more research before posting cuz there are some SEVERE contradiction to the info on the official Ubisoft Far Cry 2 page

to be honest Far Cry did push the envelope with PC gaming but its no holy grail (like HL2 is) and was a "good" game for me but even remotely close to being my no problem "touching it" XD

I think there is a MASSIVE difference with that analogy of Metroid VS Metroid Prime and FC1 vs 2 (and the dev is one for the last things to consider), the thing is that if we use the same Metroid and M Prime example for this Far Cry 2 thing it will be like going: Metroid Prime is about a guy called Joe C who is a NY a taxi driver fighting a guerrilla war with japan...while being a single parent with 2 jobs

if you are like "WTF!" that is pretty much the analogy to use in the case of Far Cry vs Far Cry 2, one thing people don't seem to realize is the fact that the ONLY similarity Far Cry 1 has from 2 is the name and that both are FPS from there neither games has NOTHING to do with the other apart from the already mentioned fact that Ubisoft is trying to cash on the success of Crytek had with the name Far Cry that they now own (remmeber Crytek no longer has or will work on the Far Cry IP) cuz as of right now Far Cry 2 might as well be called Super Jungle Shooter HD Plus Remix Alpha that it wouldn't make much difference in the development

sorry if you had to endure Charlie rage replys from now on I would be more cool about it XD (at least for a day or so :P)

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TheHater4473d ago

crysis had amazing graphic, but less than average gameplay.

TheIneffableBob4473d ago

I really enjoyed Crysis. I admit that I wasn't that impressed by it the first time through, but after I upgraded to an 8800 GTS 512 ($180), the game became a whole lot more impressive and ergo more fun. I guess that's a downside of Crysis: you have more fun with it the more powerful your hardware is. To me, Crysis was one of the best FPS games in 2007.

Ghoul4473d ago

crysis was a huge blender

i was more then disapointed with its gameplay, didnt like it at all so it was sweet techdemo but a mediocre game in the end.

Charlie26884473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

The gameplay of Crysis even if you are ULTRA picky was above average considering it was probably more polished that most 2007 FPS and since it was a major upgrade for the Far Cry gameplay that a lot of 2007 FPS were using you would have to say that that majority of 2007 fps were abysmal in terms of gameplay

you also CANT deny the jump on gameplay quality around the middle of the game (yes I am refereing how things change after you start the Level "Core") cuz I was too loosing faith in the gameplay after too much Far Cry 1 jungle deja Vu until the start of how everything goes to hell and again you would have to be VERY picky and not be satisfied with any game to deny that the last levels of Crysis were some of THE most action packed and mind blowing of the FPS genre in a LONG time...(or atleast 07)

that is if a lot of people had actually bothered playing it cuz after reading here on N4G SO many people judge Crysis based on videos, screenshots are misconceptions its VERY hard to take peoples opinions on Crysis seriously specially with a LOT of comments on how the graphics are great and the game play is meh are answered when asked if they even played the game with "No, but ive see videos and it was meh" or the usual "my friend" card or the flat out lieing that is very popular now a dyas on N4G specially when talking about PC gaming and games

Ghoul4473d ago

@ charlie

great comment bubbles for that.

But i was beeing honest, im a huge fps vet and thats mainly why i was very picky with. okok the term "mediocre" might be a lil over the top.

but i was honest the game starts totally crappy you run around that farcry dejavue the gameplay wasnt good the ai is predicatable and buggy, and you do the farcry thing . run and gun nothing else, and the alien levels at the end are impressive in presentation, the best around for sure, BUT not gameplay wise i totally missed the fun in the game, thats what i meant with techdemo.

the visuals AND presentation are topnotch and hard to beat, but the actual gamedesign of crysis is bland and boring.

Charlie26884473d ago

[email protected] no problem you know every one is entitled to their opinions (regardless of what some crazy N4G users think -_-) so thanks an bubbles for you too :)

by the way did you played the game with both patches? it did helped a LOT with the bugs and even the performance since I personally gained with both patches around 6-7 extra fps which almost completely eliminated any choking the game had in high action areas

Ghoul4473d ago

not yet i got my back pretty much loaded with work going to play it again in summer on a free week :)

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Jamaicangmr4473d ago

Well this shouldn't be too hard concidering Crysis was a much better graphics showpiece than it was a good game.

Superfragilistic4473d ago

This is a great article but this post is a duplicate!

Original post was published 19hrs earlier under the article's original heading. It can be found under a Far Cry 2 search on N4G.

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