Sony's PS4 self-publishing principles: 'Every developer is a publisher'

Sony Computer Entertainment says self-publishing on the PS4 is built around treating developers like publishers

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sigfredod2560d ago

Sony is showing a good support this gen

2560d ago
Bluburger692560d ago

Yea but MS are pussy cus they are afraid of there own product THE XBONER

MasterCornholio2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

While on the XBOX One every indie needs a publisher. It would be an excellent idea to change that policy and make the XBOX One more friendly to indie developers.

Edit: If Microsoft changed their policy please correct me.

Bluburger692560d ago

sorry guys i didnt mean i was jk honestly i hope MS suceed because they have familys

kreate2560d ago

Microsoft is the type of company that will never die. Thats how rich they are.

HurstDarkStar2560d ago

Sony keeps this up and their gonna start a cult among the developers.

MasterCornholio2560d ago

Pope Kaz Hirai is the leader of the cult.


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