Sony says it Underestimated the Demand for the 80GB PS3

Did it mess up? Sony says it underestimated just how much consumer demand there was for the 80 gig PS3.

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Fishy Fingers4785d ago

Damn right. I got 4 buddies waiting. Just release a 80gb GTA pack. Worldwide!! With Rumble!!! B*stards!

pharmd4785d ago

i agree, the demand is very strong and growing more and more.... however i wish they still had the 60gig, cuz my bedroom needs one to go with the one in my living room :}

znu4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

of course demand is high, ur cutting out BC and people like haveing it. therefor u gonna sell less 40 GB to hardcore gamers or old ps2 users.

Best solution is to bring back 60GB for the price of a 40 GB. Then Ps3's will sell.

iHEARTboobs4784d ago

but now i want the MG/PS3 bundle. :*(

eagle214785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

If the 80GB was still plentiful, 3history would really be getting even more embarassed right now. :)

PimpHandHappy4785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

and reminds me how i felt after i heard MS was having shortages 2 years into its life span

i do like the use of 3History....

i like Fre3fixme but thats good

LightningPS34785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

PS3 started doing better on the market when they introduced price cuts in PAL regions and a 399 sku in the United States.

Infact the 80GB was phased out a while ago and PS3 had it's best months outselling 360 in the United States.

If the 80GB was selling so well why is it off the Market right now? And why did they have to come up with a 399 sku to begin with?

It didn't sell out, Sony Phased it out. And now this guy is saying we underestimated demand for it?

That doesn't make any sense.

wulan4785d ago

Because of the sorry state of US dollars SONY might be shipping just the 40 gig for the moment in order to cut down the costs when you convert to YEN.

This does MAKE sense cuz this was said in FEBRUARY at GDC where PS3 outsold X360.

PS3 will be doing the same in MARCH ... no doubt there since x360 sales have slowed due to a drop in demand

JoelR4785d ago

Uhm Sony has never ever cut the 80 gig as a model - but they have been not able to supply all supply chains with it for a while. I suspect that they held back many as they are getting ready for the MGS4 80gig bundle release.
They did cut the motorstorm SKU if that is what you mean.

resistance1004785d ago

It will be if they release the 80GB in Europe, i know so many people who are holding back til xmas because they want B/C to see if one does get released, if not they will get the 40GB anyway.

LightningPS34785d ago (Edited 4785d ago )

and then you say you underestimatd demand for it?

How do you know? Is he saying sales are really sh*tty now that the 80GB not avaliable.

I don't find what this guy is saying a good thing. Almost sounds like Damage control for the NPD of March or something.

Starting to sound like Microsoft and their shortage excuse.

wulan4785d ago

cuz PS3 will be outselling X360 in MARCH comfortably

This was SAID at an interview at GDC in FEBRUARY.

There were shortages of 80 gig but there was NEVER a shortage of X360s in USA.

MS is already saying that AS*HATS on LIVE are causing x360 sales so you can guess their MARCH NUMBERS

SONY said this at FEBRUARY,2008 at GDC

expect PS3 to beat x360 by atleast 20k for MARCH

LightningPS34785d ago

He's probably just boosting things. Basicly saying when the 80GB comes back, Sales are really gonna soar.

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