Can the Instinct take on the iPhone?

Though Sprint is carefully avoiding any direct comparisons with the iPhone, it's obvious that its new Samsung Instinct (SPH-M800) is meant to compete with Apple's device. They look almost the same (our Instinct slide show has a gallery of shots), they do a lot of the same things, and they rely heavily on touch screens and unique interfaces. These comparisons are inevitable and Samsung and Sprint are doing nothing to silence them. So Apple fanboys and slamboys, just take a deep breath before the flame wars begin.

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tweaker4484d ago

The iPhone is kinda like the next PSP. Homebrew apps and games are the best things about the iPhone.

Apocwhen4484d ago

This iPhone comparison is really getting old. The only thing in common it has with the iPhone is that it's touch screen.

Phones have been laying out their icons in a grid fashion for years now. Just look at the old Sony T630. it's had grid icons now for years, just that phones weren't touch screen back then.

Kholinar4484d ago

I think the comparisons have more to do with the bezel on the front and a few pixel to pixel icon appropriations.

But I agree, it's overblown. The bad thing is some of the others who are copying parts of the interface that have nothing to do with the iphone's success and completely ignoring those that do.