The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review | Machinima

Machinima: "400 Days is not the emotional rollercoaster that was Season One, but it will still leave that bitter taste you get from the horrific consequences of your chosen decisions. Though the entire experience will take you less than two hours, for $4.99 it’s a good way to hold you over until we see Clementine again."

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up2snuff2555d ago

Am I the only one that found this DLC to be boring as Hell and a waste of time? i loved the earlier releases but this was crap.

SpinalRemains1382555d ago

Can't complain for 5 bucks, man.

That and it's just some filler stuff between episodes. Telltale could have given us nothing until season 2.

up2snuff2550d ago

That's just it....they did give us nothing with that release. If it was free, it wasn't any good. Yes, I'm being serious. The earlier game.....really great.