100° pleased by consumer backlash on Xbox One DRM policies

In a recent interview with, marketing manager Trevor Longino expressed his company’s hope that the consumer backlash against Xbox One’s online DRM policies showed customers were becoming more aware of how restrictive DRM can be.

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mayberry2552d ago

Some say MS assumed the XBOX 360 gamers were somewhat nieve. Its strange because the 360 was/is pretty high tech considering the general public.

cleft52552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

When you see how well GOG is doing with there no DRM policies it really drives home the point that you can implement cool features without invasive DRM. The fact that Microsoft would just think it's okay to treat their customers like they where going to steal from them after paying X amount for their console is unbelievable.

The reality is that the average consumer just wanted to buy a game console and games from them. The policies they where implementing showed not only a lack of trust in their customers but a lack of understanding in how piracy actually works. I am glad they reversed their policies. But their insistence that they can't have the old features because of the lack of DRM is just a thinly veiled way of calling their customers thieves.

yewles12552d ago


Seafort2552d ago

I don't expect anything less as CD Project RED owns them hehe.

This is actually quite interesting and might mean CD Project themselves feel the same way.

Gribbles2552d ago

The same CDProjekt Red that presented The Witcher 3 at MICROSOFTS XBOX ONE E3 CONFERENCE.

Yeah, I'm sure CDPR was thinking about how much they hated Always online DRM when they took M$'s money and showed off TW3 at their conference.

Seafort2552d ago

They do hate any kind of DRM and they weren't happy about the DRM crap in Xbox180.

They also don't like selling their DLC for profit as they want to reward their fans and not be dictated by MS cos of their shitty policies.

The PC releases from CD project have always had a DRM free version available to buy.

These conferences mean sod all. Destiny was at PS4 conference does that mean Sony will have preferential treatment over Xbox180 when it's launched?
The only thing a lot of gamers found out at MS conference is how anti-consumer MS really are.

stubbed_out2552d ago

CDPR are very anti DRM - they actually consider gaming pirates as 'misunderstood customers'. They're forthcoming with their audience - you make us money and we'll use the same money to try and make better games. Big fan of them, look at how far they've come now from the original Witcher pre-enhanced edition.

And if you were a game developer, would you not jump at the chance to demo your game at one of the biggest gaming conferences in the world?

Now that you mention it, would be interesting to see if Sony and MS actually do pay anything to get the developers/pubishers on their stage. Sounds absurd that they wouldn't but you get a hell of lot of media spotlight for it so there might not need to be a cost other than saying Sony/MS is great to work with.

cleft52552d ago

Very true, CDPR really tarnished their reputation by appearing on that stage with Microsoft. Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to their new game and I am happy that they are successful.

But the CDPR guys make a big deal over the whole no DRM on their games thing, so when they appear on stage of the king DRM company it tarnished an image that they had worked hard to cultivate.

SniperControl2552d ago

I read this the other day on here.