Portuguese PS3M GTA 4 preview, few misions revealed

PSM3 wrote: "

Bits of info:
"It's not the eight wonder, but what you see in the trailer.. it's the game."
R. Kelly - Bump And Grind it's on the R&B station.
They mention some bugs in the aiming system. For example, the Niko was uncapable of finding some near targers with the rifle, going straight to some other far ahead.
They played on the arcades at Homebrew cafe, a 3d tetris.
The Cellphone has, by this order, Contacts, Messages, Reminders(?), Music, Photos and Multiplayer.
Niko had 20 contacts on his cellphone, they're able to see 9 of them.
Do you know when you hit a fire hydrant on San Andreas and all the water comes out? Well they were driving a Mr. Whoopee and went right into one, so they decided to try it, Niko went flying and felled nearby.
When you're about to die, the screens fills up with blood splatter and it turns to black and white.
With the SMS system you can keep your relationships with your buddies, keep up date about the missions and if you fail a mission just send a "retry" SMS and you're good to go again.
They were able to play four missions: 'To Live And Die in Alderney'(second part of 'Truck Hustle'), 'Jamaican Heat', 'Jacob's Ladoe' and 'Harbouring A Grudge'.


'To Live And Die in Alderney'

In this mission you are involved with the mafia, Ray and Phil Bell. Niko asks Phil to help him find "the special someone", which Phil agrees, but, Niko has to transfer some drugs from the last mission first. We take Phil to a mansion- Salvatore Leone kind of house- surrounded by fields. The drugs are placed in two mobster cars, on the way out, the police arrives at the scene. Now he have to escape to a safe location, and, avoid that our friend in the second car get arrested. A huge pursuit explodes with the LCPD using blockades and other pursuit techniques along the way. When we arrive at the scene we need to put the drugs in some bags- some memories from Heat came to mind. When we were getting prepared to get out with a van, a police helicopter appears- but it's quickly taken down with a RPG hit, a quick dive into the water on way to safety and the mission is complete."

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LightningPS34245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

I also played a demo Euro 2008. New Soccer game from EA coming in May to the United States.

And if Euro 2008 is the direction that EA is headed with FIFA 09. I can say that FIFA 09 is back on track.

FIFA 08 was horrible, and didn't feel anything like the FIFA games I really liked on PS2.

wolfehound224245d ago

Great info. I need to quit reading stuff about this game I can barely wait as it is just a few more weeks. I may need to take off some work.