First PS3 Downloadable Content

The ESRB website has a listing for the first piece of downloadable content for the PlayStation 3. It is the upcoming content for the Elder Scrolls: Oblivion entitles the Knights of the Nine. I was under the impression that all the content for the Xbox 360 that was released would be included in the PlayStation 3 version but I guess Betesda just couldn't resist from gouging an entirely new audience out of money.

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andy capps5388d ago

Lame, so basically these are supposed to be added features that couldn't be included in the retail version of the game. We all know that these are existing downloads for the Xbox 360 version so they could easily be included in the PS3 retail version, but it's obviously all about Bethesda making some extra bucks. Mictrotransactions, gotta love it when features that used to be included in the retail versions of games are suddenly optionable and made available as downloadables. This goes for Xbox 360 and PS3, microtransactions for features that should have been included in the retail game are bad, map packs or new campaigns that add substantial value are ok. Valve has microtransactions down perfectly, MS and Sony don't.

D3acon5388d ago

When they talked about the game my understanding was that the Knights of the nine would be included in the game and xbox and the pc had to download. Picking up some extra bucks for something they could have did for free.

DEIx15x85388d ago

I have nothing against microtransactions as long as they are developed and released after the game. The PGR2 packs were made after the game so buying them was just like buying an expansion pack but any content available with in 2 months of release should have been included.