The Birth Of The PS4 Is A Children's Story

Kotaku: "So powerful has been Sony's messaging to date with the PlayStation 4 that, despite it not even being out yet, the console already has something of a story. And a lot of that has to do with development legend and lead architect of the PlayStation 4, Mark Cerny.

So reader Mark Hughes decided to get that down on paper, and made this wonderful children's story based on Cerny and the PS4."

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scott12spear2555d ago

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M-M2555d ago

How dare you reply to one of my comments!

MysticStrummer2555d ago

I thought Rita's story was a filthy lie. That skank will say anything to get attention.

IcicleTrepan2555d ago

Written for all the children on N4G. I'm joking (mostly)..

HammadTheBeast2555d ago

Well, someone's gotta get the message to the Xbox trolls somehow.... now they can actually comprehend the story.

PigPen2555d ago

Ugh Kotaku, the bias retards.

Gamers_United2555d ago

What really Bias when it's about Sony hey ? two face hypocrite that's the truth about you all Old and new wanna be Sony fans

PigPen2555d ago

Speak for yourself, I have no interest in Sony our the fans.

miyamoto2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )


actually they are out of whack mercenaries

only after the money

they cannot be taken seriously

an ape even covered in gold is an ape

kotaku is a joke

good thing the video games industry is immune to these tabloid gossipers
i despised Hollywood because of these kinds of controversyists!

SpitFireAce852555d ago

Wow kotaku what happend I remember when you used to trash Sony.Where did
The change of heart come from.

tarbis2555d ago

Seems like they don't want to be on the same place as M$, down the cliff. XD

rezzah2555d ago

Read the title and said "wtf".

This site always has weird titles and article topics.

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The story is too old to be commented.