Xbox Evolved - Bad Company New Screens and Multiplayer Tutorial Vid

New screenshots and new Multiplayer Tutorial video.

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kcdude3946d ago

Looks decent but I think they copied CoD4 a little bit, some of the scenery looks the same, and so does the 3D camouflage.

Blaze9293946d ago

Yea i agree on that. I noticed it to but hey, how can it not, CoD4 was a success.

Dr Pepper3946d ago

Sorry, but Call of Duty 4 was not the first game to use ghillie suits (or "3D camouflage" as you called it). They were used all the way back in the original Ghost Recon.

shine13963946d ago

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery however...cod 4 was released like couple of months way they could base their design on cod 4...both devs were thinking along the same lines...shall we say?

power of Green 3946d ago

Copied?. lol This game is far more advanced, I say evolution of a genre *like life* can produce simular results.

akaFullMetal3946d ago

the explosions look really nice on the pics to the right

media733946d ago

er new? new? these are 3 weeks old, and the explosions are fake, they dont look like that ingame, i know am in the beta.