Metal Gear Online Makes Drastic Changes to Sneaking Mission


"The unique and enjoyable Sneaking Mission mode that debuted with Metal Gear Solid: Subsistence is returning in the new Metal Gear Online, due out with MGS4 on June 12th. Kojima Productions has taken the unique and enjoyable mode and revamped it, making some extensive changes to improve it further."

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eagle213853d ago

I think MGO will be a killer app in itself!

wulan3853d ago

MGS4 is the biggest game of 2008

However it has some serious challengers ---WKS,WARDEVIL,MOTORSTORM 2,RESISTANCE2,KILLZONE 2, LBP-----any of those games could also become GOTY2008.

BUT for sure it is a fight for GOTY within the PS3 games only as other inferior consoles/PC dont have anything to rival those monster TITLES.

GT5P alone killed X360 in europe despite being an extended demo.

IMagine what happens when KZ2/MGS4 is launched

demolitionX3853d ago

i imagine an atomic bomb reaction that will blow all xbots out of this site.

Mr_Kuwabara3853d ago

Man you have no idea how easy it was to kill all those noobs when I was Snake. I had a 100+ kill streak because of Sneaking missions and how easy it was for me to grab the film and run to the goal and kill all the usual running oblivious noobs. The sniper campers were a b!tch though, and the RPG whoring guys on a rooftop (CUS)

Nothing better than being Snake in Sneak and killing everyone in your path 1 vs 7, grabing the film, taking it to the goal and smoking a cigar at the same time.

Epic times.

Doctor Strange3853d ago

MGO is going to be great Subsistence was good when it was around. Just can't wait to play MGS4 and MGO

DiabloRising3853d ago

1) Controls - Fixed.

2) Lag - Jury is still out.

3) Host Booting - Dear god please be removed.

RecSpec3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

The worst thing had to be when the soldiers became f'n dolphins and tried diving to stun you.

If played right, easily the best mode in MGO

Been waiting for this for about a year, I have some old scores to settle.

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