IGN: Traditional Ratchet And Clank Is Back With Into the Nexus

The rumors are true: Insomniac Games is developing a new Ratchet & Clank game. It’s called Into the Nexus, and it will appear exclusively on PlayStation 3 later this fall.

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Prcko2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Great news for fans :)
I never get tired of Ratchet, probably one of the best franchises of all time

PSVita2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I hate that its not a launch title for the PS4...but it just goes to show Sony supports their systems.

Skips2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago ) Like what I said previously...

Goes to show all the support Sony is giving it's current console. Especially when compared to competitors. It's like a barren wasteland over there. lol

Sony isn't scrapping support for PS3 just to try and fluff up their next gen launch lineup.

Probably because they KNOW the top notch devs they own will deliver on PS4 regardless...

Let's just hope Insomniac can deliver this time though.

AusRogo2020d ago

Im sure they'll have a new trilogy on ps4 though! Well I hope so , love Ratchet and Clank!

HammadTheBeast2020d ago


Well that, and the 70 million console user base. Lol.

badz1492020d ago

this fall?? how has this been kept silent under the radar for all this time? I bought the PS3 because of R&C ToD and now I have a perfect game to be my likely final PS3 game!

in a good way, why the hell is Sony making it harder for me to move on to the PS4? this is the year the PS4 is out yet they are still all out with GoW, TLoU, Beyond 2 Souls, Puppeteer and now R&C? god...I really need to start spending more time gaming now or else I won't be able to finish all these games I'm buying!

GREAT NEWS ALL ALONG! as a huge fan of R&C, I say thank you Sony and Insomniac!

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dedicatedtogamers2020d ago

PS3 just keeps getting more and more games.

THIS is how you support a game console. I still have several PS3 games on my backlog and it looks like I'll have plenty more PS3 games to play in the future.

BiggCMan2020d ago the WORLD...does Sony expect us to pay for all these DAMN exclusives...AND a new console???? WHY DEY SO GOOD TO US?!?!?

Aceman182020d ago

hearing this brings a smile to my face :) easily day one just like the old R&C's.

damn you Sony your costing me crazy loot for what i'm getting this year.

SilentNegotiator2019d ago

Insomniac hasn't made very good games in quite a while.

Very cautious optimism. At best.

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FlameHawk2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

This Fall? Wow, I honestly have a bad feeling about this if it is going to come out this early...
Its $30, so I'm guessing it won't be that long.
Well maybe they weren't allowed to say anything because of Sunset Overdrive :/.
Please let it be good!

extermin8or2020d ago

What the fuck sony... why am I even bothering to buy a ps4? I might aswell go get a ps3 and have that for the next year then buy a ps4 cheaper when the launch game prices have dropped in price... I'm not going to but at the same time it's like you're trying to make it harder for me to want to spend that money love the RandC games.. ffs it should have been on ps4 as well if not exclusive launch title. God you've been doing everything right yet still acting like total idiots on occasion too... At least GT6 will be out on ps4 aswell just like a year later.

PSVita2020d ago

I feel you lol but not everyone can get the PS4 day 1 or even close to it. People are still buying them for the first time so it's great for them.

extermin8or2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Then why not both. I mean they tend to design these games on PC. x86 hardware and the specs it's got? Surely porting R&C or working on two versions wouldn't be too hard. Even if it weren't coming till next summer right I wouldn't mind aslong s they just announced it. Instead they mention a possible vita port-now I love my vita but if you played the last R&C vita port... seeing as Insomniac never bother todo the handheld version themselves well it waas given to new inexperienced devs under pressure to get it done timely. I don't completely blame Tin Giant for what happened because really it's Sony and Insomniacs fault. Especially as they can't even give a Quarter of 2014 for when they expect this Gaikai streaming service to launch or the expected price it's going to cost... not even a rough idea of a price bracket or if it'll be part of PS plus...

Kingthrash3602020d ago

"might aswell go get a ps3" ???
"why am I even bothering to buy a ps4?"??!!
over r&c? you dont own a ps3 but wine about r&c not on ps4?
are you one of those people who signed a partition to bring back drm?
I'm happy they are still supporting the ps3 as a gamer you should be too.
bad comment of the day....smh

extermin8or2019d ago

I own a 4th broken ylod ps3, had 360gb replacements 2 in warrenty (one the disc drive went kaput, other YLOD) one I had to pay to have replaced where the thing got stuck in a recovery mode cycle. Then the 4th got YLOD and my little brother had purchased a ps3 (god knows why) so I use his. My point is this should at least be on BOTH PS3 and PS4. And it's not just this the last of us is going to be a game I want to go back to and play for many months, Batman:Arkham origins and GTA5 aren't getting next gen ports, neither is Beyond two souls- GT6 might but not till the backend of next year. It would cost me about half the price of a PS4 if when the PS4 releases I bought a new ps3 instead for use at uni as my little brothers one wont be there, and ALL of those mentioned games as current gen prices have hit a low, they are half price after a mere couple of weeks now. Plus over here in the UK we appear to be getting screwed over with Games being £60-that's £20 MORE THAN THIS GEN. Also £60 does not-$60 it equals like $80-90.... And that goes for both consoles game pricing... However as much as I want Watch Dogs etc and I want the apparently superior next gen version of it, and killzone and infamous in the new year I will still get PS4. But my point is, Sony should be making it easier to justify that spend which is alot of money. Rather than making it harder. It's like apple or Samsung launching a new phone with an outdated version of IOS or Android and the same day releasing a patch for all their other models from the last 2 years or whatever giving them the newest major update with loads and loads of new features or something but saying they have nothing to say about a patch for the new phone if it will ever arrive. It's just stupid.

Serg2020d ago

Look this is a little disappointing, but I am sure a PS4 Ratchet and Clank will come out at some point. However, this coming to PS3 around the time PS4 launches just proves, yet again, for the 3rd generation of Playstation that Sony supports their fans. Can't afford to buy a PS4 right away, or don't want to for some reason? There is still new stuff to play for your PS3, not just incremented sports games, gotta love it.

There are 5 exclusive titles that I can name off the top of my head, that have/will release this year on the PS3: Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6 and now Ratchet & Clank. 2 of them new IP's, that's crazy if you think about it.

Personally, I am a little disappointed with Insomniac as of late, so I will wait for some feedback and reviews on this game. I loved A Crack in Time and the games before, so I don't want to be disappointed like I was with the last 2 games with the same name, but it looks like I won't be.

Man-E-Faces2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I don't know why people are disagreeing with you, this game looks more appealing than Knack. That's pretty sad and embarrassing actually a current gen game looking more appealing than a next gen title. I am really considering cancelling my pre-order for PS4 and it's not just because of this game it's GT6, DisgaeaD2, Puppeteer, Beyond, Sengoku basara 4 etc. I am struggling to see the need for PS4 and that's Sony's fault not mine!
Edit: It's not about this game particularly, it's about Sony releasing more appealing games on the PS3 and making the immediate purchase of a PS4 not worthwhile. Does Sony even have 1 game running at 1080p, 60fps? I am struggling to see the excitement in their launch titles technically that is, wether their good games or not is an individual's preference.

extermin8or2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

See I'm not going mad-plus the 3rd party games like GTA5 and Batman not going next gen... I doubt I will cancel my PS4 but the point still stands Sony ought to be making the decision easier towards the expensive new hardware. Not have me paying the money but slightly regretting it at the same time when I see people playing all these games franchises I love that I can't play not because their xbox exclusives but LAST GEN exclusives.... I'm not saying the PS4 games aren't good, ofc they are it's just when the Xbox one has considerably more exclusives announced than you, you have claims of 20 1st party titles in first year but have not too much evidence of anything feb-september 2014 bad The order:1886... It seems odd to be announcing games like R&C on ps3 with no PS4 version. Not to mention the pricing of next gen games here in the UK has gone up by £20. There's no indication of a release quarter (or even year, after all video store took almost 2 years to arrive) for the GAIKAI streaming so that can't help me anytime soon and no rough pricing ideas of that could be included into PS plus, or a higher tier for a tenner extra or it could be it's own £30 a year service... So while it's great that Sony are still fully supporting PS3- I remember its first year or two. Where for various reasons it had few big exclusives and although I think for the time being PS4 launch sales are safe. Sony are on a rocky road for sales into next year if they don't announce more exclusives etc. Look at Wii U or Vita. Both had good/decent launch line ups. Wii u certainly sold well on release. Vita was ok, it was underwhelming but could have plodded along. Then the 1st prty software became more sparse as did 3rd party and the sales dried up till lately on Ps vita where they've picked up a tiny bit. But it's still not doing great...So yes I'm concerned that this isn't getting a PS4 port, even if it were announced for 6 months after PS3 version just to know it existed, who was developing it (or a vita version) and see the game running after Qforce's Vita nightmare?

HammadTheBeast2020d ago

Tons of PS4 games coming. Not to worry friend, there's also 15 first party games yet to be announced for first year.

silkrevolver2020d ago

Yes, it WAS Sony's decision to put it on the PS3, not Insomniac's at all...


extermin8or2019d ago

Sony could've pushed/paid for a PS4 port aswell. They could even get another developer todo it there are enough around they have Tin Giant doing this and that-often vita ports they don't seem to be experienced enough todo. But a port to 'simple architecture' (x86) with all the power and RAM of the ps4... Should really be a fairly simple job. I'm not saying it shouldn't be on PS3 but it should be on PS4 aswell.

silkrevolver2019d ago

I just want it to be good.

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nick3092020d ago

Why ps3... Where's my next gen r&c

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