Rogue Legacy (A HalfBeard's HUD Review)

"Rogue Legacy can be summed up in a single statement: “it’s Dark Souls for the SNES”. For those that get what we mean, you’re free to go now. You can base your potential purchase of Rogue Legacy on that statement alone. For those who aren’t as clue-y about 90′s home entertainment consoles and unforgiving Japanese action RPG’s, stick around and we’ll go into some more detail. Rogue Legacy combines the aesthetics of the golden age of platformers (as well as the twitchy gameplay from some of the harder titles of the time) with the modern Dark Soulsian philosophy of failure as a form of progression. Each death, while being permanent for the character you are playing as and resetting your progress through the game’s castle, ultimately moves you closer to game’s final boss. Unless of course you’re just really bad at the game."

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