GameSpy: Metal Gear Solid 4 Preview - 'Gamers around the world have plenty to be excited about'

GameSpy writes: "On the final day of our three-day media event a few weeks back in Nasu, Japan, members of the Kojima Productions team politely asked us not to share any details regarding Metal Gear Solid 4 with friends and colleagues, lest we spill the beans on any important plot details. That's the least of our worries at this point. From the time you hit start and play, you're bombarded with a minefield of spoilers. We'd rather not be punched in the face by friends for the myriad "I am your father" moments that litter MGS4. We're clear to discuss the first section of the game, thankfully. We're also happy to reveal, however, that after playing an incomplete build of the game alongside a small gathering of editors from the US, Australia, and Europe, gamers around the world have plenty to be excited about.

Visually, there's little doubt that MGS4 is one of the most handsome games yet for this generation of hardware. The cut-scenes look marvelous. Character details such as eye movement (which many HD-era games get wrong) rival the likes of the Half-Life games for realism; Snake, Otacon, and Meryl all have the same sort of liveliness that Alyx and Eli Vance demonstrated. The attention to detail in the characters is so precise you can see the marks on Otacon's face where he shaves."

-Highly refined gameplay mechanics
-Drebin Shop quietly revolutionizes gameplay

-Still needs some difficulty balancing at the beginning of the first stage
-June 12th feels like forever away

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eagle214485d ago

"revolutonizes gameplay"... loving it! :)

"June 12 feels forever away" :)

onewinedangel4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

the only bad thing about it is that june is two months away

AlterEgo4485d ago

wow, 4 great previews in a row?

I turn 21 on June 16th...which should be the most party filled night of my life, but if MGS4 isn't beat by then...I'll have to postpone my birthday.

AlterEgo4484d ago

Or is it 3 so far?

Either way...I'm friggin' ready for this game.

Got my MGO Beta code earlier this afternoon, so I'm official. =)

fenderputty4484d ago

June 12th is starting to seem a lot further away then it did.

Angelitos4484d ago

GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.