EA Cuts Game Prices

Electronic Arts has slashed prices across over 20 SKUs including Madden NFL 07. It's unusual for the Madden price-cut to be made this early in the season.
EA hasn't responded to calls for comment on this, so the company's reasoning isn't clear. The game has sold well since its August launch, and the franchise has enjoyed growth over the last few years.

Current generation versions of the game have ben slashed by $10, down to $40 by most major retailers. One analyst speculated that this move could be EA simply responding to a perceived weakness in the current generation as two new consoles come to market.

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THWIP4470d ago

Drop the prices of your games, rather than fix the problems with them.

CyberSentinel4470d ago

I voted lame because they waited till now (weeks before PS3/Wii) to drop the price to 39.99 (current gen) when other companys have already done this months ago. (way to fleece your Sports fans EA.)

DEIx15x84470d ago

was only $39.99 from day one. They did that because of a bad reputation of not providing enough of an update to justify the new game for anything more than a driver list update. That could be some of the reasoning for this, i'm not sure how the public has welcomed the games that got cut.