YouTube updates PlayStation 3 app with ‘send to TV’ video beaming feature

In its first update since 2012, the YouTube app for PlayStation 3 is getting its ‘send to TV’ feature, which allows you to play videos from mobile devices on your TV.

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I've been doing this for the last 3-6months with the ps3 and YouTube using tablets and phones

Tony-A2548d ago

That video is a year old.. I don't get this article. I used to do that all the time with my phone. It was easy, quick and really convenient!

PSVita2548d ago

I think they updated it though, it wasn't always so easy.

Pixel_Enemy2548d ago

Yeah it automatically syncs with your phone now. Minor update but still cool.

Merrill2548d ago

Now if only they would make the app useful, i.e. high quality videos. It's useless if you own a comp.

KwietStorm2548d ago

I keep seeing people say this, but it's as clear on my TV as anything else. I'm not understanding something.

dantesparda2548d ago

the videos play in 720 now, they've been done that for about a year now

Baka-akaB2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I dont get it either , if you want hd feeds its there . Just tired of the awful interface for the app . Remind me the worst days of search in Vidzone

boing12548d ago

And that's why I'm using YouTube app on Android to send videos to PS3. Godsend IMO.

Kryptix2548d ago

There is high quality but I believe the resolution is automatic according to your internet speed. Now what I wish is a way to switch the quality because on mine it buffers a lot but knows it can load high quality videos perfectly at times. But I read from YouTube that right now it's not possible to change video quality because the app just mirrors the video from their site.

dantesparda2548d ago

it does 720p, which is better than "high quality"

Kryptix2548d ago

That's what I meant, thanks for the correction. :) Forgot high quality means 480p.

nick3092548d ago

This app needs fixing. So buggy&slow.... Not optimized at all.

thekhurg2548d ago

I have had no issues with it except for it not syncing with my age settings. What do you mean buggy/slow?

KwietStorm2548d ago

When you watch videos, it doesn't stutter every so often?

nick3092548d ago

Can barely get to search for a video. And to type for search is even worse.

Phaethon00172548d ago

I agree. I use my PS3 for streaming everything but for some reason Youtube vids lag all the time. I do have the oldest PS3 model with poor wifi however. But still, Netflix/Amazon fine.

nick3092548d ago

The wifi is just fine in that model, its just an horrible app overall.

jon12342548d ago

yes it does lag, even on a 50mbs connection

sprinterboy2548d ago

Same, been using this for 6 mths. Great feature and a hell of a lot better. Only use ps3 with phone now for my YouTube needs, love the add to Que option

drsfinest722548d ago

Xbox been had these features. Get it together Sony

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2548d ago

If you read the comments it's be available for like 6-8months the person that wrote the article just isn't upto date with times

xXtremeHDGamerXx2548d ago

PS3 youtube app had this feature before xbox

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