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GR: "I've been hopelessly entrenched in SMT IV's extensively modern combat system. Combat in SMT IV gives you control over your own powers and abilities, but also those of up to three demon companions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You build your team up by conversing with demons and convincing them to join your side, but I'll have more on that in a separate post. Bottom line, choosing your moves smartly can make you a dominant demon wielder and give you an incredible feeling of success."

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3-4-52551d ago

It looks kind of awesome and kind of ehh. I wish the battle view wasn't First Person. It never looks as good like that IMO. I prefer a side view or angled top down or a ton of other views but first person for some reason doesn't immerse me into the game it actually takes me out of it.

Probably just me. I'm also not into dark stuff or demons or anything so that doesn't appeal to me, but the quality of the game is there. You can see it without having to like it.

knifefight2551d ago

How are the mainline SMT games different from Persona?

dbjj120882551d ago

They don't have the "real-world" vs "shadow-world" thing going on.

dedicatedtogamers2551d ago

The difference?

Persona is more "save the world...with the power of friendship! Y-you wanna d-date ME, senpai?!?"

SMT is more "demons have infected your body and now it's up to you to either destroy the human race to pave the way for God's Kingdom or partner up with Lucifer to fight against Heaven"

TongkatAli2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Uh WHATTTTTTT ! Who is the good side ? I wanna fight for that side.

chadboban2551d ago

Or go neutral and kill everyone.

dedicatedtogamers2551d ago

@ TongkatAll

That's kinda the point. The main SMT games tend to blur the lines between who is "good" and "evil".

@ chadboban

Yep, exactly. ;)

doctorstrange2551d ago

I misread that as log combat, which would be awesome

dbjj120882551d ago

You can beat people with logs in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Maybe that's the cross over?