Video Games Explode: Global Revenues Now on Par with Box Office

Video game software sales are finally matching up with the entire film industry at the global box office. Analyst Daniel Ernst forecasts global game revenues to grow even higher this year.

In a new report from Hudson Square Research on the outlook for the 2009 fiscal year in the video game sector, analyst Daniel Ernst notes that the video game industry's recent surge has finally allowed it to catch up to the movie business on a global basis.

For the fiscal year ended this March, global video game (software) revenues grew 38 percent. Global software sales reached $26.5 billion, only slightly behind the film industry's $26.7 billion.

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Genesis54482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Well for a colossal waste of time they sure are raking in the cash. All I know is playing one beats reading a book by Giles Whittells.