What are Your Two Favorite Games From the First Half of 2013?

"Hotline Miami’s plot reminds me so much of my childhood, where I used to wake up with a chicken glued to my face surrounded by dead Russians." - PSLS

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TrendyGamers3022d ago

I think GOTY will go to TLOU.

ftwrthtx3022d ago

It will be tough to beat out GTA V. Even if the game is sub-par, the franchise will probably still win out.

BiggCMan3022d ago

I don't think the story will be the biggest impact of GTA V. Instead I think it will be how VAST the city is, how much stuff you can really do in it, and the multiplayer they seem to really be hyping up as something spectacular.

Not to say the story will be bad at all, hell no. But I don't think it will come anywhere near the storytelling level of Last of Us.

As for the topic question, right now my 2 favorite games of 2013 are Last of Us and God of War Ascension, a lot of people forget about God of War, real shame.

Some others thus far are Metal Gear Rising, that was a lot of fun, though the story was kinda crappy. Bioshock was good but not great in my eyes.

That's about all I've gotten so far this year, most of the stuff I want is coming this holiday season like Beyond and Watch Dogs, and GTA V of course, with Saints Row 4.

Thatguy-3103022d ago

Exactly just look how GTA IV won many GOTY awards. GTA games aren't really well known for there story telling. I do admit though that it's impressive and how the city and environment looks so alive.

HammadTheBeast3022d ago

I dunno, GTA V will have to pull off some amazing characters and story lines in order to edge out TLoU.

The GTA games have always reigned over the sandbox open world area, but the story and characters haven't always been the best.

Last year, Journey was GOTY, so anything can happen.

HammadTheBeast3022d ago

Yeah. Can I borrow that copy you have btw?

dedicatedtogamers3022d ago

My two favs for the first half of 2013 are TLoU and FE Awakening.

FanboyCrusher3022d ago

Stay on topic, nothing about GOTY contenders here. It's your "two favortie" games. Not your GOTY contender.

My personal 2 favorites would be FarCry: Blood Dragon, and Bioshock: Infinite.

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SquareEnixFan3022d ago

Bioshock Infinite is definitely my number one. Tomb Raider slightly edges out The Last Of Us as my second favorite.

dbjj120883022d ago

I like Bioshock Infinite less and less as a game every day (I play The Last of Us).

SquareEnixFan3022d ago

The Last Of Us is an amazing game but for many reasons it just couldn't top the experience I had with Infinite.

testsubject3022d ago

I agree with your statement about Bioshock Infinite,I went to my first midnight release ever for it and loved every second of it,but in my opinion The Last of Us is second for me because I'm a diehard Bioshock fan and the experience I had with Bioshock couldn't compare to The Last of Us (not dissing the game at all),and Tomb Raider is my 3rd favorite because it was really fun and enjoyable.

SquareEnixFan3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

They are all great games and a strong argument can be made for any of them to be ranked the best. I enjoyed Infinite the most but I am not trying to insult the brilliant work Naughty Dog and Crystal Dynamics put forth.

HammadTheBeast3022d ago

Bioshock Infinite had a very strong story, but I just didn't feel that the gameplay was as good as it could've been. The Last of Us had a story that rivaled Infinite's, characters that edged out Booker and Elizabeth, and the game play was great as well.

Both are amazing games, and it's kind of sad that they both had to be released this year, but my personal GOTY goes to TLoU.

DxTrixterz3022d ago

Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite.

krontaar3022d ago

Fire emblem, not many good games this year.

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