GTA IV to Lead All Game Sales in '08 with 13M Sold

No wonder EA is chomping at the bit to acquire Take-Two. Analyst Daniel Ernst has forecast GTA IV to outsell all titles this year, including EA's Madden 09, Nintendo's Wii Fit, Microsoft's Gears of War 2, Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4, and more.

"With its proven track record from prior iterations, we expect Take-Two's highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV to be the top-selling video game of 2008. We believe the title will be a driver for PS3 sales, and we expect strong uptake from Xbox 360," said Ernst.

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BigKev454245d ago

Shoot, more like 20 million.

power of Green 4245d ago

[email protected] the PS3 exclusive sales predictions.

PS2 had trouble selling those numbers predicted for PS3 with a base of 120 million and almost a decade of time. New IP's will slow their rolls.

thor4245d ago

Um, wait, so this guy thinks that Final Fantasy XIII and gran turismo will release this year, and not only that, sell 15 million between them. LOL. Here is my estimate: they will sell 0 this year because there's NO WAY that either of them are coming out until AT LEAST Q2 2009.

Mr Tretton4245d ago

POG, I know you are a consistent moron, nevertheless, the PS2 could've had 200 million install base, and the bottomline is, who is in the market for the game, not your install base. The install base only matters to the point of who bought a system to play a certain kind of game(s), ala Halo 3 for instance, which considering the 360 install base at the time mixed with idiot logic, it shouldn't have sold what it did, alas, people bought Xbox 360 for such a game.

You really, REALLY need to stop trying. Period. The POGman fails at all tasks.

The JACK has Spoken.

joydestroy4245d ago

probably, with it coming out on both the PS3 and 360 this time around.

Bolts4245d ago

Why is this franchise so huge? It doesn't have any iconic characters, the multiplayer is virtually nonexistant, and there is no community. Yet every GTA game is huge...why?

Danja4245d ago

addictive gameplay , endless replay value...

ThatArtGuy4245d ago

They are very fun to play. You also have options of what you want to do. You could drive around obeying every traffic law if you wanted.

...or you can just relieve some stress by blowing up things.

Alvadr4245d ago

Sandbox style gameplay is what I love. I never even finnished GTA3 just wanted to do enough to open up all the map and play around constantly.

games just dont need multiplayer or an epic storyline to be great. Sometimes they are just freakin fun to play.

jwatt4245d ago

Didn't GTA invent the sandbox style gameplay?

INehalemEXI4245d ago

They capture and recreate whole city's and era's in GTA games. Basically NY, FL, and CA. The soundtracks are always great too. Thats why I think it sell well.

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joydestroy4245d ago

oh, and you better believe it's going to steal the thunder away from Iron Man, both the movie and game.

what a horrible time to release a new movie. they should push it back, haha.

"In other news, Robert Downy Jr. missed his premiere due to playing GTAIV."

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The story is too old to be commented.