OXM UK: Dark Sector Review

OXM UK writes: "It's with Robert Rodriguez-esque cunning that Dark Sector seamlessly switches direction at every tantalising corner. One second, it's a Splinter Cell-style infiltration mission, the next it's a military shooter involving the X-Men. Then, suddenly, you're ankle-deep in dank sewers, fending off a tirade of sprinter zombies, before - BANG - everything blows up in your face and you're rucking with hordes of fire-spurting, club-waving, going-invisible super mutants in massive free-for-all skirmishes. Explosive gaming plot twists, for sure.

If there's one thing you can't knock, it's Dark Sector's endeavour. Developed by the co-creators of the Unreal franchise, this third-person action blast attempts to bypass accusations of generic gunplay by way of reluctant super powers. It begins with your Special-Ops agent on a quest to waste a mad scientist in an East European hideaway, when a virus infection grants him inhuman powers. We're talking metal arms complemented by a lethal three-bladed boomerang (known as a glaive, but which resembles a mammoth Shinobi shuriken star), before later leading on to further nifty add-ons such as force fields and temporary invisibility."

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