Wii Browser Pictures has a bunch of new pictures of the Wii browser in action. The browser's functionality is largely controlled by the Wii's directional pad which should make for generally quick navigation, presuming you don't need to type too much during your online browsing.

The simple-looking web browser will be controlled using the Wii Remote's pointer. A panel across the bottom of the screen appears to include back and forward-page buttons, an 'eject' button that presumably exits the browser, and a button with a star on it which we know to be for bookmarks.

Also, clearing up Nintendo's online charging system for the Wii, we are given the following description of the online payment structure:

The browser will be a downloadable option to all Wii owners, and will be free for the first six month, after which users will have to pay a small fee. Just to make it clear, these charges are only applied to web browsing. All of Wii's other online services, including online gaming, will be permanently free.

There are also pictures of the game boot-up screens, Mii editing and message boards in use included in the article.

I feel it's my duty to point out that instead of charging for the functionality that everyone wants, online gameplay, Nintendo has decided to charge for a completely superfluous function, web browsing, which is sure to generate enough money to produce a Yo! Noid sequel, that being nothing.

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eques judicii4472d ago

ummm... are webpages going to be intelligible at 480p?? I've hooked my computer up to a SDTV via s-video before and anything less than 24 font wasn't readable. And how do you enter urls?? do they use a "pictochat" style keyboard?

anyhow, i'll get a wii.. but i'll do my webbrowsing on the pc.

calderra4472d ago

Ummm... web browsing could be fine on SDTV if cone right. Anyone have satellite with a Guide or a TV with the Guide channell? Ummm yeah, it works.

Now for the incessant b***ing of people who don't want to pay for services, and the people slamming Xbox Live for charging a membership fee. Drumroll, please....

THWIP4472d ago hear the first stories of PS3's and Wii's getting slammed with some nasty virus, because idiots were surfing for porn.
There's a very good reason the 360 doesn't have a browser. :O

ChickeyCantor4472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

i dont think you understand how virusses work.
a virus can only infect your pc if it understands the OS.
allot of virusses on the net ( ALLOT ) cant infect the MAC becozz its a different OS.
so for the Wii and PS3 they will be save, for now XD

PS: i bet you got allot of virusses :P XD