H-Hour: 30days to Get Pre-Order Bonuses Available to KS Backers

For the next 30days SOFStudios, the developers behind H-Hour (the spiritual SOCOM II successor), will offer the same "donation" / pre-order bonuses that were available to KickStater backers to everyone via PayPal.

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sandman2242561d ago

Socom will take off on ps4 if done right. I've been a fan since socom 4. I never played socom 1 or 2. But from what I read on forums they ran circles around socom 4

FullMetalTech2561d ago

Youtube Socom 1 socom 2 videos and you can see for yourself how much better they were compared to S3/Confrontation and Socom 4.

Elwenil2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

@ Sandman224,

SOCOM 4 was not SOCOM.

killa_sam2561d ago

I have done my part and donated 60 (international payment) do it and make this game like before.


Confritation wasn't so bad. I think people are over reacting just a lil bit. I've played every console socom game made and I can tell u that it wasn't so bad. I don't understand why these "vet" socom players don't just let the series evolve. It's like they wanna play socom 2 with every new edition to the series. Socom 4 was ok but I think it was not as good as Confritation. I did like the ADS feature tho. They need to sell to a wider audience and I'm sorry to say it but if socom 2 came out today it wouldn't sell at all. Don't be afraid of change because its going to happen no matter what.