Microsoft fixing ‘incorrect game pricing’ for the Xbox Live beta

The price hike was an error. Microsoft will reimburse the difference to anyone who paid too much.

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allformats1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Ha. Good on them, but all this backtracking isn't boding well for the company. But alas, it's good they're fixing it.

Tomorrow Ballmer will announce the company's restructuring, here's to hoping Xbox doesn't get set aside to focus on the money-making segments of the company, because let's face it, Xbox is a grain of salt when compared to Windows, Office, and Office 365.

darthv721925d ago

so my points are still points. I think they flipped the wrong switch when this beta went live. lol

OT...I would prefer the rounded pricing. no more of this $x.99 crap. Make it solid numbers please MS.

abzdine1925d ago

in the end the prices would be even higher than they are now.. nothing would surprise me from this company anymore

gaffyh1925d ago

MS: "We're sorry that you figured out that we were going to charge you more for games than before. We thought you were more stupid, but we still believe that you are gullible, so we're going to tell you this was an error, and you'll believe us."

UnHoly_One1925d ago

They aren't backtracking, they are fixing an error.

That's what Beta testing is for.

lex-10201925d ago

*Insert Sarcasm* Wait that's what a Beta is for? I thought a beta was just early access to a completely finished product that I got because I was so awesome. I didn't read the agreement I agreed to that says the Beta may contain bugs.

Sarcasm not aimed at you. It's aimed at everyone who can't figure out what a beta is.

malokevi1925d ago


I swear, sensational spin is all PS4 fanboys are good for.

I'm sitting here fixing issue tickets for a website that has been live for 10 years.... and you expect MS to always get it right out of the gate?

Oi, vey. Some people.

Nolando1925d ago

I see way too many articles with the wording twisted to make Microsoft and xbox look bad.

Even good things you have the fanboys that will make up some BAD underlying reason for it.

Anon19741925d ago

What's funny to me is the people that were defending the price increase, like UK gamers should be happy to be charged more because they've been traditionally charged less. It just makes me shake my head at the thing's the diehards will defend, on both sides. Good on Microsoft for addressing the issue quickly.

Not sure why allformats is getting so many disagrees. He's bang on. Even though profitable, the entertainment division at MS has always been viewed as a black sheep as the return on investment isn't nearly what investors are used to seeing from Microsoft's other divisions. And it's a very small part of the overall company. Same thing goes for Sony in the eyes of shareholders. The entire division could disappear overnight and investors wouldn't bat an eye.

We're gamers so we're used to focusing in on gaming news, but the game divisions of these companies rarely even warrant a footnote for most financial analysts when it comes time to discussing the overall company picture.

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SybaRat1925d ago


barefootgamer1925d ago

I'm almost starting to feel sorry for MS. So much bad publicity lately...

cleft51925d ago

So this was an error that they are fixing, that's good news. It was kind of sad and pathetic seeing how many people kept saying stuff like the prices had to be higher because the point system was going away. It really makes me wonder where people keep their brains.

Roper3161925d ago

good for MS glad to hear it. I will say when I think they did something I don't like but I will also give them a good job if I feel they did the right thing for their customers.

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