Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - Overview Interview

Exclusive new gameplay highlights this overview of the game.

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Blackcanary4512d ago (Edited 4512d ago )

I'm sorry but how many times are they gonna redo the Dragon ball story in a game thats all there is in this game and of course online mode and proberly added new episode in the game that wasn't in the show damn just do a new DB Z season. All this game is better graphics same story again and new featchs great. Thats all they do in every DB Z game they redo the graphics and retell the story again and again and again. Make a new story for a new DB game.

Blaze9294512d ago

OMG thank you! I thought i was the only one seeing this. This is nothing but a remake of Budokai 1 with features from the PSP title, Shin Budokai. I mean this is great and all and i probably would have bought it if not for the fac that this will only have 21 characters and stips at the cel saga, theres no excuse for that. I say, bring on a ps3/360 Tenkaichi for, ill get Burst Limit 2 or 3, and im done with DBZ. They need to like you said, just some up with new story, it always doesnt have to be about the damn sagas, i mean, who DOESNT know the story by now? Make up some characters, etc etc. Then if successful, a manga/anime could return based off the games.