The Last of Us is Below Naughty Dog's Standard of Quality and Polish

KaboomShark writer Ryan "Rdawg" T writes - "By now, I would say it's a pretty safe bet to say that most people have gotten their hands on Naughty Dog's latest masterpiece, The Last of Us. I sure know the guys at KaboomShark have! We have become quite accustomed to having late night multiplayer sessions, but that is a story for another time. To get back on topic, The Last of Us is a beautiful game that tells the amazing story of a scarred man and a traumatized girl. However, regardless of how beautiful The Last of Us is (by both standards of environment, story and gameplay), there are still many issues that left me perplexed. When I play a Naughty Dog game, especially one like The Last of Us which focusses on environment and atmosphere, I expect something that is polished to a degree that most development teams can only dream of. I wish I could say that about their most recent success showcased this level of polish, but I just can't. While The Last of Us is a great game, it's just not up to Naughty Dog's standards when it comes to quality and polish."

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Majin-vegeta2554d ago

Name one game that is bug free and perfect??Exactly you can't.You can't get rid of every little thing.

MoXxXi2554d ago

Sure, there are no games that are completely bug free, but you would think Naughty Dog would at least try and get rid of a lot of the easy ones, such as disappearing walls and environments. There are just a lot of bugs and glitches for a Naughty Dog game. It didn't ruin the game, but it definitely put a strain on some pretty important parts for me.

Abash2554d ago

If they were so easy to remove dont you think Naughty Dog would remove them in a simple update? The Last of Us is the best looking console game yet, it pushes the PS3 to it's limits, it isnt as simple as you think

HarryMasonHerpderp2554d ago

To be fair you could tell they were pushing the PS3 to its limits and also the campaign is twice as long as an Uncharted game. I imagine that's why it's not as bug free as their earlier games.
I'm guessing they will release a patch in the future to tidy things up a bit.

admiralvic2554d ago

@ Abash

While it might be more complex than we might think, that doesn't mean it is super complex either.

For instance take the sex line phone numbers. They could have avoided that WHOLE SITUATION by simply calling the numbers before including them in the game. Would have took, what? 2 minutes to verify they weren't real numbers, yet they didn't.

Soldierone2554d ago

A lot of that stuff will take ages to perfect. A lot of disappearing things etc are just how games render, and sometimes it comes down to the console itself skipping a beat. I bet a lot of these will disappear if you play the game again, then happen again at a different point. I've had several games do that.

its like saying "dont you think car manufacturer A would find a way to stop brakes from wearing out, dead batteries, and spark plug replacements?"

darthv722554d ago

damn!! i cant wait to see what their games look like that are "at" or "above" standards.

KwietStorm2554d ago

There is no such thing as an easy bug to get rid of. And you would have to know it's there, and be able to recreate it before you can fix it anyway. Tired of all these armchair software engineers this generation.

gamertk4212554d ago

How dare you bash the Sony Pony crown jewel! Look it's a great game, but it's not the second coming. There's nothing wrong with a bit of criticism when deserved. You'd think they were talking about someone's kid or something.

soniqstylz2554d ago

I'm on my third playthrough, and have yet to see any of these strange bugs. The only one I've seen is that some textures didn't load properly during the prologue on my NG+, but that was fixed by the recent patch.

Salooh2554d ago

I never saw disappearing walls and environments. You people just like to complain . i only saw like 2 or 3 bugs in two playthroughs ..

pixelsword2553d ago

What's this article really about?

To Paraphrase:

"I just published a flaimbait article and now you MUST click on it to see if I'm right or wrong! Muhaha!"

Which is about 80% of game articles anyways...

Am_Ryder2549d ago

Disappearing walls and environments are 100% down to the individual console's Blu-Ray player, and it's faults. Usually due to aging. A massive majority of players didn't experience anything at all.

I didn't experience a single bug throughout the entire game. No exaggeration. I've probably been playing it for about 40-50 hours. Not a single bug or glitch.

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AsheXII2554d ago

Zelda, Mario and Metroid games, for most parts,

-GametimeUK-2554d ago

All have bugs. Very popular with the speed runners.

zebramocha2554d ago

@ash you know you can glitch a game.

duducus2554d ago

They don't have visual bugs...

Tiqila2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

they have visual bugs, in any 3d mario game go to a wall and crouch -> head is in the wall.

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Skips2554d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 = 5-7 hours of GAMEPLAY

The Last Of Us = 13-14 hours of GAMEPLAY

Campy da Camper2554d ago

@skips...5-7 hours? I spent waaay more than that. Did you just run through the game on easy?

2pacalypsenow2554d ago

@skips TLOF took me 14 Hours on Normal MGS 4 took me 15

Skips2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I'm talking gameplay WITHOUT CUT SCENES guys...

In terms of PURE GAMEPLAY on Solid Normal, it took me like 5-7 hours. But when you bumb up the difficulty to say, Big Boss Hard, or Big Boss Extreme. Of course it would take a few hours longer.

Without cinematics though, it's definitely a whole lot shorter than The Last Of Us.

MGS4 has like, almost 10 hours worth of cut scenes while The Last Of Us has 3 hours worth.


"TLOF took me 14 Hours on Normal MGS 4 took me 15"

MGS4: 15 - 10 = 5
TLOU: 14 - 3 = 11

Reverent2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Having took 16 hours to beat MGS4 and 14 to beat TLOU, still, MGS4 didn't even come close to exhausting the PS3's power as much as TLOU.

@Skip, actually TLOU has less than an hours worth of cutscenes. The majority of what people assume are cutscenes, are actually in game occurences. I've even checked the Bonus Gallery in TLOU after beating the game. Surprisingly, there were very few cutscenes and most of them were about a minute long.

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black0o2554d ago

Final Fantasy XIII on ps3 .. and that game didnt even needed a single update since it came out

Zezo2554d ago

Tlou is not a bad game in general but it has some pretty lame aspects. Is it a perfect game? Not at all. Does it deserve praise? Absolutely no Fu*&^ing way. It looks like absolute garbage, covered in jaggies, and horrible low res textures.

And the ending, oh boy what a waste.

isa_scout2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

This is what a Troll looks like people. Move Along, Move Along...

omi25p2554d ago

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Muffins12232554d ago

No but it shouldent be a glitchy mess like fallout or skyrim on ps3

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Mr_Nuts2554d ago

Well I've played the game and finished it and never came across one bug....must of been lucky

Besides does it matter....hell in 2011 we gave Bethesda Studio of the Year and Game of the Year to Skyrim. The most bug filled game of the entire year

MoXxXi2554d ago

Of course, with Skyrim the glitches were silly and almost improved gameplay. With a game like TLoU where the environment is set so well, it's so easy to lose the tension when Ellie's sprite floats in the air with enlongated limbs...Maybe I just like to get mad at small things because I am so infuriated that TLoU was better than Bioshock Infinite :}

Baka-akaB2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Come on now you're scrapping the barrel . Skyrim's bugs werent entertaining nor game improving . On one platform the game became even unplayable at times .

Both hardly have the same level and amount of bugs , each game's ambitions and scope aside . Plenty people manage to play Last of us mostly bug free . The most we've heard about issues with the game was usually about the saves .

I so far only got stuck once on some barrel whose contact made noise and alerted clickers

Lovable2554d ago

Hey that would have been hilarious bugs!

Hydralysk2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I played Skyrim on PS3, and a glitch, which hasn't even been fully resolved made it so that for the first few months the game had a framerate so bad that it made the game practically into a slideshow.

Skyrim does NOT get a pass, especially since they tried to cover it up by not giving out PS3 review copies.

isa_scout2554d ago

Did you play Skyrim on the PS3??? Because after 120 hours or so the game became unplayable for me due to the lag and stuttering. Nothing about that made me feel like it was small,silly, or improving the gameplay. I haven't even experienced a small glitch in TLOU and I've beaten it three times already.

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CaptainYesterday2554d ago

I didn't experience any bugs during my playthrough my game froze once but that was because I was playing for way too long it's hard to stop playing once you start!

Unicron2554d ago

I hit a ridiculous amount of occlusion bugs, saw a ton of seams in the geo, but the sheer size of the game's world made me pretty forgiving of it. I only hit one missing environment bug and no animation issues. I'm guessing they updated their occlusion system from previous titles and weren't able to work all the kinks out before ship.

Williamson2554d ago

I too never came across a glitch/bug. Seems like people will do what ever to bring this game down, keep trying since this is one hell of a game.

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