Rock Band guitar down-strum fixed with a train ticket

ButtonBandits received their imported PlayStation 3 Rock Band earlier in the week (review coming soon). Within a few hours the guitar began to experience a lack of response when pushing the strum-bar down. This soon turned into no response at all. Strumming upwards still worked perfectly but proved a lot more difficult than when using down-strum. Fully aware of not being able to make use of the products warranty due to lack of residence in the US, the decision was made to take the guitar appart and try and fix it.

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solar4240d ago

i fired up rock band today...and my down strum is doubling :( i wish activision would let the patch thru for us ps3 owners can use the les paul :(

feejo4239d ago

You don't repair a guitar you just smash it all over the place like a real Heavy Metal guitarist.