psx4iphone v0.2.0: Public release with fw 1.1.3 support

A couple of days ago, developer ZodTTD sent word that he'd begun reviving his older homebrew projects for the iPhone, including psx4iphone, gpSPhone, and snes4iphone. Now, in case you've been wondering about the progress for the PlayStation emulator in particular, we've got some good news.

ZodTTD has announced that psx4iphone v0.2.0 is now out in the open, bringing with it some much-needed support for firmwares 1.1.3 and above.

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pharmd4240d ago

someone tell me if and how it works.... do i have to hack my iphone or what?

tweaker4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

This is the kind of things that sets the iPhone apart from those imitators. Homebrew FTW.

I'm going to download this ASAP. Gran Turismo on the iPhone would be awesome!

Perkel4240d ago

ver 0.2.0 has major bugs don't download it now ! Wait for zodttd update.

But it's even more faster :) about 15 fps