Playstation 3 Explained In Two New Videos

One video named "Capacity" explains a bit about Blue Ray technology while another named "Smarter" tells a bit about the PS3's processors. While both amount to being advertising more than Discovery Channel material they are interesting. Especially seeing as both make you feel like you're watching a car ad in the Matrix.

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CAPS LOCK5385d ago

they should of done one for motorstrom aswell, then it would of been awesome.
hmm if sony can produce such high graphics in motorstorm, then i wonder if killzone was really a fake...

icdedppl5385d ago

they may do motorstorm. there are still 4 more vids to come.

calderra5385d ago

WONDER if Killzone was a fake? In case you missed the last year in gaming news:

-Sony hadn't yet produced the RSX graphics chip when Killzone demoed. It didn't exist. They had absolutely no idea what sort of performance it might actually achieve. Yet the Killzone demo was called "realtime" and was "running on real hardware".... Sony still hasn't released full specs for RSX (or did I miss something?).

-The devs first said the vid was "realtime"... then admitted they defined realtime as pre-rendered at about 5 frames per second on two Apple G5 computers lashed together.

-Basically every game demoed by Sony at e3 05 has recieved MAJOR graphical downgrades since. Tekken barely looks like it's the same generation of game compared to its original video, Metal Gear Solid has seen 3-4 distinct downgrades, etc etc.

-And in case you don't remember, the original Killzone (1) was supposed to be a Halo killer with the best graphics ever on a console, and astounding gameplay, and (insert hype). And, at least compared to the hype, it absolutely sucked. Average game, maybe, but absolutely nothing like it was hyped to be. Good-but-not-astounding graphics, stuttering framerates, plenty of glitches... this became one of Sony's greatest hype debacles since FF7 from PS2's launch. If Microsoft was trying to pull this crap, everyone would be crucifying them. Don't let Sony pull the wool over your eyes again on this title.

It isn't even a fanboy issue at this point- yes I'm biased for 360. But if Microsoft tried to pull this crap I wouldn't let them get away with it. If Blood Wake 2 happened, I'd be the first in line to bash it. Heck, right now I've already got my eye on Fable 2- if Lionhead tries to pull the same stuff with pushing the game back to vaporware status and rushing out an incomplete game at the end, I'll be right there to criticize. Let's do the same for Sony and Killzone.

specialguest5385d ago

when you stated; "yes I'm biased for 360"

that right there just threw your whole arguement out the window.

Grown Folks Talk5385d ago

because what he said was true.

jwatt5385d ago

I'm pretty sure he doesn't think Killzone was realtime, he was probably just implying that Resistence FOM looked so good that it reminded him of the killzone video and that the killzone video can be done.

peksi5384d ago

Calderra said: "Basically every game demoed by Sony at e3 05 has recieved MAJOR graphical downgrades since"

I used to think so too but we've seen only incomplete games. Now it would seem that those goals are actually being met. Motorstorm has constantly improved since today and look at the results now from PS3 site. I think the same goes for Killzone, Warhawk etc. E5 demos were not played with the hardware but were done based on the calculated performance on PS3.

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Karibu5385d ago

awesome videos. Always liked how Sony does them.

beans5385d ago

It's going to be interesting to see what PS3 offers 2 years from now compared to 360! When I think of cell I for whatever reason think of quantum physics and wonder what the future holds for this tech 10 years down the road when it becomes truly mainstream! Will cell cure disease or will it create the 1st Terminator and be the end of us all? I don't know about you guy's but Ken Kutargi comes across like he may not even be human or like a Sony machine!

Scythesean5385d ago

I want my PS3 so bad I just can't wait to play it. I have sick time to use and I'm sick right now, I wish I had it now I would be using all that time up.

Solidus5385d ago

Man those ads are sweet they need to put those as commercials.

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