PSN bug fills download list with repeated games

A PSN bug fills users' download list with repeated listings of free PS Plus games.

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Cam9772552d ago

Please try and fix this minor inconvenience,

Coltrane_C2552d ago

Not sure if Serious or Trolling

RGDubz2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Umm.. The users download list looks nothing like it does in that picture via PS3/PSVita so is this being access through a PC? is that how it looks accessing the PSN store that way? Seems like a bug exclusive to the PC's PSN store then.

ZoyosJD2552d ago

It seem to be some sort of problem with PS+ content on the sony digital web store.

I went on yesterday and PS+ items came up at their normal costs rather than free although I didn't attempt to purchase, and my download list started repeating PS+ games as well.

I plan to check my PS3 and see if the same issues are coming up there. I'll post if it is the same.

Anon19742552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Huh. I noticed some repeats on my list as well on my PS3 going back looking for a title I had deleted, but 9000? That's a problem. My list just had a handful of duplicates and I was still able to find what I was needed relatively quickly. It'd be nice in the future if they added a search function that worked in your downloads menu.

warewolfSS2552d ago


nick3092552d ago

Looool if ms had that problem this topic would have at least 100 comments.

warewolfSS2552d ago

It's a joke. This whole website is a joke. Watch, the mods will erase my

TheGrimReaper00112552d ago

ihave this when i download ANY game on my vita
the odd thing is that when i download a game, "it's downloaded twice", however, the second download is finished in a second after the first one
its an odd bug, but doesnt really do anything =/

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