Shin Megami Tensei IV Review (Vivid Gamer)

Cody Perez of writes:

"After nearly a decade, the next main entry in Atlus's legendary Shin Megami Tensei series is out for 3DS. With so many games vying for your attention this summer, should you summon this one, or bargain for another title instead?"

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Stevie1003117d ago

Looking forward to when this finally comes out in the EU

3117d ago
rrquinta3117d ago

So excited about this game. Though it will mean less ACNL time lol

TheLiztress3117d ago

I so cannot wait for my copy to get here once the game comes out. Been waiting for this game for so long.

Also, great review.

dedicatedtogamers3117d ago

(I keep saying this is every SMT4 story)

If you buy Fire Emblem Awakening (or if you already own it) and you register FE:A and SMT4 by august 31st on the club nintendo site, you get a free $30 for the 3DS eShop.

MilkMan3117d ago

I bought Fire Emblem digital just like I plan on getting this one. I have my accounts linked and I have NEVER gotten anything for them.

rrquinta3117d ago

Yeah already own FE and had SMTIV preordered so that is just a nice sweet bonus

Firan3117d ago

I wish they announced a release date for EU already. I want this so bad.