Android Kickstarter Wrap-up 7.3.13

Ian DeMartino of writes "I tried to warn all of you a few weeks ago, now it is too late and as the Terminator movies taught us, nothing can stop the future (wait, is that what they taught us? I kind of stopped paying attention once Kristianna Loken beat up Arnold Schwarzenegger). With the backing of a successful Kickstarter, cybernetic roach armies aren’t just a possibility, but a certainty.

While we all wait for the most disgusting apocalyptic scenario possible to arrive, there are some great Android Gaming Kickstarters out there. We can only hope they get to see the light of day before the roaches usher in the New World Order. This is GameWoof’s Weekly Android Kickstarter Wrapup where you can find all of the best Android projects launching on Kickstarter."

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