Ripten Review: N+

Ripten writes: "Some time ago a stylish little browser-based game appeared that mixed fiendishly addictive gameplay with a striking artistic style. That game was N, from developers Slick Entertainment. Now on XBLA, branded as N+, Xbox 360 owners can experience the game with some valuable additions.

To say that N+ is difficult would be somewhat of an understatement. You will die a lot. However, therein lies the beauty of the game. N+ is a platformer that rewards experimentation, practice, and sheer perseverance in equal measures. There is no real penalty for failure; you just have to improve your play in order to progress through each area.

The object of the game is to guide N (for Ninja) through a huge number of arenas to an exit point. However, to make use of the exits you must first activate a switch, allowing you to pass through. It's the journey to the switch and then to the exit point that is that is the hard part, crammed full of danger, both in terms of enemies and life-ending plunges to the floor below."

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