PSP To PS3 Abilities Explained

On launch you will be able to play or view any of the media stored on your Playstation 3 via an ad-hoc WiFi connection. At some other time, not yet determined, Sony plans to extend that to allow you to view and play media from anywhere in the world where there is a WiFi connection.

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Maddens Raiders4471d ago

.......The future of this compatibilty looks and smells SO SWEET. Please don't f- this up Sony. Addition of the location free TV feature would kick serious arse, but they MUST allow remote "TV Relays" of in-game footage on the PSP, so you can broadcast games like GT-5 all over the house, ya know - give the spectators something to do!!!.....LOL


"PS3 gameplay through your PSP will not be supported at launch, but in the near future you will be able to play the PSOne games you download to your PS3 on your PSP."

well, don't expect it at launch people...

TheMART4471d ago

Promisses, promisses... Actually delivering is hard, ain't it Sony. Still waiting for the emotion engine to start working

Lionel Hutz4471d ago

At least there is a hope. You make it sound better if Sony never announced this at all. At least now there is a chance that this could happen. Stop hating for once in your life or just get out of here.

BIadestarX4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

I don't see a lot of support comming from developers about this. Simply because not everyone that buys a PSP will buy a PS3 and not everyone that buys a PS3 will buy a PSP. It is too risky for developers to develop games where both devices are required. It is not to have (if you have both). Also, if you are in your house and own a HD-TV why would you watch a show on the PSP? well unless you take it to the bathroom and don't want anyone to see what you are doing. Most people do not buy the PSP to play it at home or buy a PSP movie to watch it at home; therefore most of the time wi-fi is not an option. "MUST allow remote "TV Relays" of in-game footage on the PSP, so you can broadcast games like GT-5 all over the house, ya know - give the spectators something to do!!!....." yeah.. right.. I can see people doing that... They will prefer watching your play the game on the PSP instead of your HD 1080P capable tv.... This is simply Sony trying to add more features into the box(which is great) but it's not practical. Unless you already own a PSP it is dificult to justify $600(PS3) + $200(PSP) + $59.00(Game) = $860 + taxt just so someone can see you playing a game on a small screen.

DEIx15x84471d ago

I don't think handing my friends a PSP to watch while i play would go very well. If i was handing them a PSP i would let them play a game while they wait their turn.

Apocalypse Shadow4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

that some of us already have a psp,gameboy advance or ds systems?that they might have one in the future?and that those people can connect to the ps3(psp owners)?how is this feature a bad thing?because sony is doing it?ask yourselves why you're shooting this idea down.because you support microsoft and not technology?to me this idea is cool.

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