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The newest title in the long-running MegaTen franchise has some flaws, but lives up to expectations.

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bakagaijin782554d ago

"The game releases on 3DS in North America on July 26"

Isn't the release date supposed to be July 16th?

mliparota2553d ago

An unfortunate typo on our part – it's been fixed.

Thanks for the correction!

bakagaijin782553d ago

No worries, great review by the way. :)

Eazy-Eman2554d ago

Enough with the persona 5 wants please, it's a great game but do try to be more open with trying the other shin megami games. Without the mainline SMT there wouldn't be a persona

adorie2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Index, Parent company to Atlus has registered a domain for Persona 5. You will get what you want at some point.

Kratoscar20082554d ago

Shut up get SMT 4 or GTFO.

rezzah2553d ago

This is off topic. Sure we can tell you really want Persona 5 (like many of here in this topic I assume), but that has nothing to do with this specific game. Besides you just "shouted" the title and didn't even relate it to SMT4 (which would have been on topic).

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Eazy-Eman2554d ago

Shin Megami Tensei IV! Can't wait to kill my friends, angels, and demons >:)

Kratoscar20082554d ago

Neutral Fanboy huh?

Chaos all the day baby.

Eazy-Eman2553d ago

Most definitely! I was a neutral fanboy once I beat strange journey. The law ending was TERRIBLE...but that's the price one has to pay for peace. Chaos is cool, but it's all about balance really.

Kratoscar20082553d ago

The only reason you got to choose is because you have FREEDOM, like it or not Chaos is the answer to everything ! ;)

PS: Demonee-Ho should get its own freaking game, i read he is in this game as well.

Law sucks i agree.