Kikizo: GT5 - Kazunori Yamauchi Interview - Whats in Store for GT 5 - Weather effects, improving resolution & framerates

Yamauchi tells Kikizo how the London bombings almost disrupted development on the game and what keeps him motivated after all these years.

Kazunori Yamauchi has a lot to be happy about. The Polyphony Digital boss's new game, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, has just been named the fastest-selling PlayStation 3 game ever in the UK, and he and his army of car nuts are already working on the full game, due sometime next year

But for this affable motorsport junkie, creating racing games is about more than just games. It affords him a chance to stream his passion into the unstoppable forward flow of technology.

Yamauchi was in London for a few hours on Thursday to chat about Gran Turismo. We sat down with him for eight minutes before his flight to Copenhagen to find out what makes him tick and how his new game came about.

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Perkel3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

GT Mobile ? Wow i'll buy for this game PSP :)

there are great things in this interview for GT fans :)

sonarus3876d ago

weather effects? If GT gets weather effects and damage, it will be completely unfair for other racers out there

dude_uk3876d ago

I loved this part

"Kikizo: I'm being told to finish up, so I've got one more question for you. GT5: you've got 1080p, you've got 60 frames per second - what's next?

Yamauchi: That's an early question. [Laughs] First, while working at this resolution and this frame rate, we'd like to try to get weather and a lot of lighting effects added to the game."

This game is going to be awesome xD

Avto3876d ago

Well he knows what he is doing and will make the best game possible what's also important he loves automobiles this is why GT is the best racing game in the world

eagle213876d ago

His consistency and the ability to outdue himself with every installment of Gran Turismo is awesome for the industry! :)

Salvadore3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Great developer with a lot of passion for gaming, wonder why we cannot have more people like him in the industry?

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