Fixing Online Gaming Idiocy: A Psychological Approach

Some gamers are f**kwads

Of all the ways I spend my free time, playing games online is the only one I would describe as "frequently barbaric". Insults of all kinds, including racist and homophobic slurs, are commonplace.

The women I know who play online avoid anything that would identify them as female -- including voice communication -- in order to avoid the unwanted, and frequently negative, attention.

And that's just how players are intentionally insulting -- what some people do while playing online can also be aggravating.

[Warning:] This article uses language inappropriate for a professional website. Unfortunately, the language used is far less offensive than what is commonly encountered in online gaming.]

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Tempist4249d ago

Nicely written article, but I don't think it's going to change things overnight. Yeah there's some good points brought up and ideas explained, but as a whole, the industry probably won't instantly adopt such ideas. Nor unfortunately will the gamers themselves.