Making the Player Feel Bad is a Good Thing

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''There’s a certain aspect of storytelling that videogames are becoming increasingly better at. It’s an aspect that has been in existence since the likes of Ultima hit PCs, but it’s never really been a thing on console until recently. Making the player feel bad is what I speak of, and it’s an extremely powerful storytelling method. For too long, players have been able to go about their ways in videogames and not give a second thought about their actions. Thankfully this seems to be changing.''

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Heisenburger2558d ago


My God did that shot make me jump, with tears rolling down my cheek.

Spec Ops.... Jesus... I thought it was going to end the sane way that I thought the film Apocalypse Now was going to end. I was incorrect both times in my presumptions(thankfully).

Not to go off topic but that is why I love ps+

It's sort of a Russian roulette for me...

Spec ops is a game I would have never purchased, but am SOOO glad that I played.

Spec Ops really is extraordinary.... The idea that I could have missed it is mind boggling.