The Names People Thought Sony's Next-Gen Console Would Be Called

Maya Mayfield writes: "So there is a list of rejected names, circulating online of names Microsoft was going to call the original Xbox. So we decided to do some very extensive research of our own, to find the names people were speculating would be Sony's next-gen console."

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I_am_Batman2558d ago

Most of these are horrible. I'm glad they'll stick with PS4.

Abash2558d ago

People underestimate the stupidity of the average consumer, if it was called anything but "PlayStation 4" they'd be lost and be not sure what it was.

HyFackingDro2557d ago

Actually, idk anyone who thought it was going to be called something else other than PS4, if you thought else, I feel bad for you son.

Tony-A2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

These names are, by far, the silliest names for a potential console that I have ever witnessed.

Except for the Orbis, of course, which was most definitely the most popular code name for the system. It would have made perfect sense, but it's just too risky to throw their naming trend out the window.

When the eighth generation of consoles approaches, people would most likely look for a new name from Nintendo, a PlayStation 4 from Sony and an Xbox 540 or 720 from Microsoft.

Instead, two of the companies went and threw everybody off. Instead of a Wii 2, Super Wii or a totally different name like we're used to from Ninty, we get Wii U - which sounds too much like a Wii peripheral - hence why some are still confused a year later.

Then MS - despite them avoiding an Xbox 2 in favor of an Xbox 360, change their minds for their third console and call it the Xbox One.

Sony's seems to be the only straight-forward one. Had they gone with one of these, I would've slapped them in their corporate faces.

iamnsuperman2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I remember those talks about it not being called playstation whatever......

glad Sony were/is sane. Otherwise we could have ended up with something pretentious like The Playstation/The New Playstation for the PS4

PigPen2558d ago

I sure most people knew the name will be Playstation 4. It couldn't be more obvious.

project_pat362558d ago

720 was the stupidest name in history.. 180 would have suited it better than 720 or one. as it would be a complete about face around from its last (360) console.

sweendog2558d ago


I never really understood why the 360 was called 360. Was skate boarding still popular back in 2005

Angeljuice2558d ago


It was called 360 because Microsoft thought that if they called it Xbox 2, people would think it was a generation behind PS3 (Microsofts official reasoning). Thats whats so odd about the new console being called Xbox One.

sweendog2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I got a disagree so does that mean that skate boarding wasnt popular? Instead of disagreeing you could explain why it was called 360 I am and have been for 8 years genuinly interested
Edit. To angeljuice thanks think i was typing when you replied.

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Angeljuice2558d ago

I would have called it "Eric Thunder-brick".

Drive-By-Stabba2558d ago

I don't see why anyone would think they would have used any name other then PS4... I mean sure they use code names at times but I'm pretty sure no one here right now at any point thought it was going to be called anything but the PlAYSTATION 4.

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